Holiday Mish Mash

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This post is a complete mash up of a bunch of random things I had wanted to post about, and of course midnight seemed like the perfect time to write and post it, so bear with me.

first, a surrogate?!?! that is all Bravo is covering?!?!
damn you Andy for making me think it was something crazy good!

For Holiday gifts for friends, I had been planning on making Ina's Rosemary Chipotle Roasted Nuts for so long, drooling over the photo in her How Easy Is That cookbook.  I was so excited to finally spend some time in the kitchen making these. They are so simple but so yummy and delicious, and everyone loves receiving holiday snacks. 
I wrapped them up in little red tupperware containers, and added a bow and a Christmas tag. 
tip: do not use tin foil on the bottom of the pan to make clean up easier.  These nuts get very sticky and they will stick to the tin foil in a heartbeat, as I learned with the first batch :) 

I decided to make a big fancy (for us) meal last week to celebrate the holidays, but also to celebrate the end of stress and studying for a little while for us both.  I made Ina's Asian Grilled Salmon (obviously there is a theme here, she is my love) and Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice.  It makes so much rice for leftovers, and the fish is so simple with a delicious sauce. 
This may not seem like a fancy dinner for others, but salmon was a special feast to us!  
I know, I know.
 My photos are so professional and make the food look incredibly gorgeous. 
 It's a gift really. 

I definitely suggest Ina's cookbooks as great Christmas gifts.  The photos are gorgeous and each recipe has cute stories and comments from her.  {mostly about Jeffrey, which makes it even better}. 
I just picked up her latest for my mom. 

I finally got around to mailing out some Christmas Cards.
These were a particular favorite of mine that I mailed out. 

I will definitely be doing this for my New Years manicure

my christmas shopping is done, 
but I am in love with this make-up bag set from Vineyard Vines
Perfect gift for any woman! 
I'm off to finish packing for Grand Cayman!
I'll be on the beach by Thursday afternoon, right when the snow will be pounding Chicago.
How many bathing suits is too many? 



  1. So jealous you'll be in Grand Cayman!!! Ahhh!! Love your Xmas cards- I need those. Good job on the dinner trust me that is super fancy for me b/c I never, ever cook so that would require like 8 hours of prep for me to do!

  2. I am seriously obsessed with the nuts, I just finished all of them and I miss them already. They were so delicious! And just got your card yesterday, perfection. Miss you! Have so much fun in GC! xo

  3. wait, seriously they were hiding using a surrogate? i mean, i guess if their kids didn't know... that could be devastating. or are they having more kids?? anyway. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  4. Love the Caymans! So jealous! We go every year, all you need is A few bikinis and cover ups! Enjoy!

  5. I love salmon, so I might have to try out that recipe! That Christmas card is too much--I love it!

  6. Oh Ina, she makes throwing dinner parties in the Hamptons look so effortless and easy. Glad to know some of her recipes are as easy as she makes them seem!

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