About Me

{under construction….
.probably for awhile because I'm a queen procrastinator.
 probably always because I am ever evolving}

thanks for reading my little blog here.
allow me to tell you some things about myself.
that's me up there.  in the coats.  displaying my level of maturity.  

this is also me, with some more effort put into my appearance.

I mean… not a lot.  
I practically rolled out of bed that day….. I just wake up like that. 

I use this blog to share completely unnecessary, unimportant, mindless, dumb tidbits of information and opinions. 

I'm a fairly simple person….. easy to please….. 
and not a small amount of wine..
ha… oh no….

I don't even bother pretending I have my sh*z together. 
…. it tends to vary from one day to the next. 
keeps it interesting. 

the older I get, the wiser I've become.

I watch an insane amount of television. 
some people believe watching too much television is bad for you.
and I've heard crazy rumors that some people don't even have cable.
or a DVR.
or anything.
if that is you, you have stumbled into the wrong place.
run as fast as you can.

sometimes I may surprise you and share some deep thoughts on here.

I may have a problem with pretending other drivers can hear everything I'm saying, and having full on angry conversations with them while I drive.
I may or may not have gotten this annoying habit from my mother. 

my husband comes home from work and tries to explain how his day was using all his adult-big-boy-job-language. 

I'm a newlywed.
The honeymoon stage is still totally on.  
The proof : my home life pretty much looks like this:
my husband working, me trying to get his attention

I'm basically like Gwyneth Paltrow when it comes to how I nourish my bod.

on any given day you can find me doing pretty much the same thing. 

When I write my blog posts,
I often fear that my words don't come across as I intend them to.

sometimes I ramble and have really long run on sentences and then don't edit my posts or fix the 9 million grammatical errors and therefor have entire paragraphs that make no freaking sense. 

hopefully you'll pour yourself a glass of wine and stick around.
I promise there will always be something entertaining,
even if it's just making fun of me. 


  1. I'm loving the beautiful red dress in your picture. Where is it from?!

  2. omg please tell me where you can get monogrammed uggs!!!!?

    1. I got them from Neiman Marcus online last winter! They'll probably be back for this year too because they sold out quick!

  3. I'm originally from Chicago! :) Looking forward to following your blog and reading more!

    <3, Charlotte

  4. Hi, where can I find the gold monogrammed necklace you have? Have been wanting one fore years. Thank you!

    1. hi liz!!! it's from http://www.sibbysscribbles.com/monogram-jewelry
      glad you like it!

  5. OMG I love your sarcasm! Thank you so much for making laugh! Definitely will start following your blog :)

  6. Hi Taylor, I don't follow blogs, but I saw your crack cake on Pinterest and found my way here! I think you are the younger me! I'm from NW Indiana (worked in Chicago for YEARS!), have way too many coats, love baking (I leave the cooking to my hubby since we own a restaurant), love navy and white...esp stripes, love monograms and I'm very sarcastic (my hubby isn't very amused, haha!). Oh, and how can I forget Bravo, all the housewives, and Andy?!? I will def be following your blog (if I can figure out how)! BTW, your wedding dress is absolutely stunning!!!

  7. Too funny... Love your about me section!

  8. OMGGirl!! I just found you and am so glad I did!!! You basically just said everything about yourself that I can never say out loud about me!! And the whole husband thing, coming home with his big boy language! Yeah! WTF??? bahahaha I wish I knew you so I could get some more of these belly busters! xo- Nat Washington

  9. You're like the Ally McBeal of blogging! And my god, it's refreshing!!! Carry on sister!

    1. made my day :) thanks so much thanks for reading!