splurge versus steal

Friday, January 31, 2014

splurve -vs- steal bootie edition 
steve madden "nonstp" bootie 

well….target strikes again…..

why pay $100+ when Target somehow legally copies everything! 

target kacie peep toe bootie 
also available in black, blue, and cream 

snatched these bad boys up last weekend and SO glad I did.
now, in 5 months when it's actually warm enough to show my tootsies, I will have these. 

also, a rag and bone knock off 

mossimo booties

send all the money you save my way.

happy friday + happy super bowl weekend!
we have our engagement party tomorrow night and I am very, very excited :) 

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coffee talk

Thursday, January 30, 2014

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 

we just need to start things off with this GIF of the week.
when T Swift was shocked she actually lost an award.
hahahahahahahah (x infinity).
so now we see what your REAL shocked face looks like.
not this one. 
and stop dancing and singing like a 12 year old in the aisles at every award show. 
it's greatly appreciated.

the bachelor

These dates are so stupid. Let's sing with a Korean pop bang (annnnnnd the Korean singers speak 10x better english than Juan Pablo).  Let's go do Kareoke! We can't read Korean but…. whatever! 

Kat is just annoying.  Not in a "you're annoying so therefor fun to watch on TV" kind of way, but just plain a pain in the ass.  Get sent home already. 

Claire Clare (of course that's how it's spelled) 
"Korea?? I don't even have a kimono" 

her lips always pouting and falling into him every time she says something "funny".
she does every line in the book.  "oh don't make us eat octopus Juan Pablo hehehe." then making a big fuss and eating Octopus.
men are so easy it's nauseating.
Kelly, the girl whose occupation is "dog lover" said it best when she said, "Her piece was like this big…..she's definitely eaten things bigger than that"
slow clap, dog lover.  slow clap.  each week I like you more and more

Highlight of the episode: the damn angry Opera Singer.
"I don't sing for people for a really…. really…. really long time.  Like. It's personal.  This is our first real date……I make a point of not singing for men for a long time…. I don't want someone to be with me just because of my singing."
my food literally flew out of my mouth.
oh my god.
you are delusional.

Also gross…..

what is wrong with you ABC??
a live camera all night showing the honeymoon suite?

Kim just needs to be cut from the cast. 
Her thrilling scenes now include a fan autograph show similar to comicon and just as disturbing.
"you haven't changed a bit"
"neither have you"
clearly being a child star doesn't mean you make enough money for everything.

kyle still wins for this episodes biggest waste of time.  please…. no one gives a crap about your "acting" and your "role" on Days of Our Lives.  

Carlton continues the classy-parade as she has every episode all season with a pool party filled with strippers on poles.
of course there aren't any good pictures online, so we'll have to settle for the naked body painting ladies. 
and why is fat burger at every single party they have?  

Carlton's face when Joyce hugs her was only upstaged by Joyce really admiring and applauding the hard working strippers on their incredible moves on the pole as if they were ending world hunger with every thrust.  
Carlton is pissed when Kyle thinks her star is a Jewish Star of David. 

Hey, Carlton.  

She's Jewish. It's not an insult. She's not making a jab…. she's just a dumbass.  

We have a new thing to add to our ongoing list of
Things that Bloody F***ing Disgust Carlton: 
Asking if her tattoo is related to Judaism/a faith that the person asking belongs to. 
People doing bad things in dreams, because everyone knows dreams are real. 

Carlton had A DREAM, whilst SLEEPING, that Kyle was talking about her behind her back.  So, therefore, she is FURIOUS.  She says "Who the f*** talks shit about peoples religion" and gets as pissed as she probably was when she got into a fight about someone on the plane.
Apparently a necklace is all it takes to get on her good side, but a dream puts you back on her shit list. 
So, note to self, in Carlton's religion what someone does in your dreams is 100% the same as reality.

Also, this isn't necessarily from the last episode, but since I'm behind on my RHOBH coffee talk'ing, Brandi completely has a speech impediment from all of her horrible facial botching/boxing/surgery.
Also, saying her dad walked around naked all the time growing up ----> 
explains. so. much.

I don't know why I had watched Vanderpump Rules all season, but I have.
and I think I can honestly say I have never seen a group of more horrible people in my life.  They are absolutely awful to one another. 
The STD's must be seriously bountiful between all of them. 
One episode left…. you know I'll be watching.

crazy eyes ramona is getting a divorce from mario.

this is shocking to no one.
and I really, really, really can't wait even more for the new season to premiere. 

Actually…. possible worse people than the Sur waiters:

they win this weeks Jackhole of the Week.

all of em, but especially these two. 

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wishlist wednesday

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm panning on sharing our Save The Dates next week for Wedding Wednesday! 
but for today….
lusts for the week 

and you can wear the top and the skirt separately 
with everything else you already have in your closet

also in black and emerald 

perfectly placed color blocking. 
this needs to be my new LBD immediately. 

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crack of the week: Super Bowl edition

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There's a time and a place to break new years resolutions, screw the healthy vows you've made, and throw caution to the wind and eat your face off.
Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days. 
Sure, you can make your dips and snacks with fat-free cream cheese or greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, but I don't think anyone eating it is going to be applauding you. Everyone is in agreement that anything goes while you stuff your face and watch incredible commercials (and maybe some football).
The two new recipes I'll be trying this weekend: 

Pimento cheese is one of my favorite things in the entire world.  Everytime I go home I go straight to my sister's fridge for the best kind ever that she picks up at Publix, but here in Chicago you have to take a tiny bit more time and effort and make your own.  Add some bacon, and yummy + easy puff pastry, and this is a perfect bite size snack. 

7 Layer Dips are always a hit.  This one is that, and so much more.  It's a hot and cheesy dip on the bottom, topped with all the seven layer mexican favorites. 
If you want a healthier version (no one likes you) this is a great one 

When greek yogurt is combined with other ingredients, it tastes almost identical to sour cream.  Fresh avocado and other veggies complete the layers. 

and a few of my recipes that are my favorite for big, TV gatherings

the two above were made for last years super bowl 
Greek Tortellini Salad (kind of summery, but oh well). 

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penny for your thoughts

Monday, January 27, 2014

rag and bone has sweatpants that look like jeans....

what do we think of this??
pajama jeans that are actually socially acceptable?

this is something I could get behind….. 

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in honor of The Bachelor Wedding: Sean and Catherine

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I don't care about the Grammys tonight….
{I'll watch the red carpet though}
 I am more excited for Sean and Catherine's wedding special.
all photos via People Magazine
save the date 
planned workout routine via her instagram 
trying on dresses 

It'll be so cheesy, so drawn out over 2 hours with 90 million commercial breaks, so awkward as they continue to tell millions of people about their "consummation station" wedding night suite, and so great. 

I'm a loser, and my favorite wedding was JP and Ashley's.  I cried like I knew them and was there.  
It's always fun to see the insane amount of flowers and just the insane amount of money spent in general by ABC even if it isn't your taste. 
 see full wedding album here

wedding related, I wanted to share one of my favorite finds. 
target is a dangerous, dangerous place.
it should be avoided at all costs.
you walk in to get razor blades and you come out with over $100 of god knows what else.
the best addition to my Target cart is always a few pairs of their bridal underwear.
every time I'm there I snag a few to keep on hand for showers and bachelorette parties. 

screw hanky panky, these are identical for a fraction of the cost.

who else will be watching the Wedding Special tonight?! 

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