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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I somehow became sick as a dog in the last 24 hours, and am passing out to the soothing sounds of Housewives in my ears.  so this will be a short post. 

I'll share the whole invite later, but for now, here is the stamp on our outer envelope for our wedding invitations. 
Isn't it the cutest stamp ever? 

My initials with a white dress and his initials with the black bow tie.
Who knew a stamp could make a girl so happy? 
an example of nine million things I put thought into that no one else notices I'm sure :) 

I've seen on several wedding blogs and on pinterest pics of girls holding their bottle of perfume in a wedding photo 
image via

and I've read that it's nice to wear a different perfume for your wedding/honeymoon to associate with the time.  

I ran out of my Marc Jacobs, and got a free sample of this Tory Burch and I am crazy in love with it. 
I will definitely be making this my new scent.  

 I was planning on wearing my sisters wedding earrings, but when I had my first fitting I realized they didn't go with the dress. ugh. So now I am in search of large studs of some kind -- large enough that you can see them on each ear from head on and they balance my face out (if that size makes sense….. I swear my head isn't as large as that sentence makes it seem) 

so far I've only found a few things on nordstrom and bhldn 

anyone know any good online sites to look for bridal earrings? it seems most are dangly and finding large studs with just diamonds or pearls has been tricky. 

you all know my style by now…. 
ya know….  subtle….. classy…. 

so if you know anywhere let me know :) 

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  1. You might want to try K Amato design. They are located on W. Diversey and have a website. I had them do the jewelry for my wedding and was very happy with the quality

  2. Try the Left Bank on Webster Ave, or Bloomingdales. I randomly found mine at Bloomingdales, but there were some at the Left Bank I liked. It can go a little cheesy at the Left Bank, but there are some gems in there too.

  3. LOVE that stamp!! Feel better :)

  4. That stamp is SO cute! Where did you get that?!

  5. Hey Taylor! I found a few earrings that might fit what you're looking for:

    Some good websites to check are (just search for wedding earrings) and

    Good luck!

  6. The designer Elizabeth Cole makes lots of lovely earrings that would be amazing for a bride! She has her own site and is also stocked on Charm and Chain. Good luck!