Tone It Up Tuesday

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Does anyone have any batsh*t crazy health habits they've tried lately? Because I do!
has anyone done the oil pulling…. I'm scared…. it just sounds so nasty….. 
I've been starting the day with an apple cider vinegar shot.
This originated from a morning drink from the Tone It Up Nutrition plan 
(which I seriously love and think is completely worth it) 
I didn't think the drink tasted all that amazing, but I knew the main point was the apple cider vinegar and then adding in cinnamon or other items that help increase metabolism.
I just take shot of apple cider vinegar now, and sip pineapple juice before and after.
Sure, it doesn't taste amazing, but neither do real shots and I have had lots of practice with putting 'em back over the years. 
me.  every morning. 

I swear - my stomach is growling at least two hours earlier than it ever did, which I think means it really is increasing my metabolism.  
Also, it takes 10 seconds and makes me feel like I just accomplished something before I leave for work. 
In addition to the Tone It Up workouts and the random Tracy Anderson clips from youtube, 
this week I incorporated new Tracy Anderson workouts and I learned a whole new meaning of the word hate.
I mean seriously.  She is horrible, yet she is amazing.  In four days I felt like a new person. 

I have yet to come even close to finishing this cardio workout, but I feel OK quitting early because I am sweating my ass off and gasping and coughing and cursing at this freak of nature like it's my job.

at the end of the cardio she says, all positive and not winded at all,  "and if this has gotten too easy for you, repeat this routine twice!!!"
seriously bitch???? 
I almost broke my computer because I slammed her face shut so fast. 
I hear ya gwynnie.  she is evil. 

when I can't bear the thought of hearing Tracy's voice without screaming bloody murder
aka every other day 
 I may do a Tone It Up video because they are so nice and happy and smiley and are on the beach. 

then I end the day with a cup of green tea for the same reasons as the apple cider vinegar.
I feel like it works without really doing much…. I watch My Boyfriend Andy Cohen and feel like I'm getting all healthy at the same time.  

If I can't drink alcohol every time he says the word of the night, I might as well drink something. 

sooooo I am banking on apple cider vinegar and green tea being the keys to my health :) 
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  1. Tracy Anderson is no joke - I haven't tried the cardio portion yet - but now I'm sort of scared/excited all at the same time haha! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do oil pulling with sesame oil. I don't think I could handle letting the coconut oil get soft. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks and notice that my teeth are whiter. Not sure about everything else. We'll see if my dentist notices a difference when I go in June.

  3. I do oil pulling with coconut oil. Just swish it around my mouth every morning for 20 min, I usually shower and make the bed while I'm doing it. I really like it, which is surprising b/c I had the coconut oil for like 3 weeks before I finally got around to trying it (I was scared). I've noticed my teeth are whiter, even my mom commented on it.

  4. I used to do apple cider vinegar shots (they are so good for so many things!) and that gif had me dying. I would look like I was putting some whiskey down.

  5. I used to do the Bombshell Spell thing too, and it was fine. I'm sure it's all really good for you just like starting every morning with hot lemon water. I did TA's arm sequence for the first time last week and the whole time kept thinking about how glad I was that no one could see me struggle that much/two minutes in I looked like I was doing the chicken dance. Oil pulling is a terrifying concept.

  6. I bought the tone it up dvds + nutrition plan last week after one to many glasses of wine. I love the nutrition plan and can't wait to try the dvds. Keep the tips coming!!

  7. My daughter and I both do the oil pulling with coconut oil, it's not bad after the first couple of times. We have both lost weight and it does make your teeth whiter without making them sensitive like white strips do.

  8. This almost makes me want to try these work outs out...almost. :)

  9. I took an actual shot of apple cider vinegar this morning - full on, shot sized, after reading this post. Only after the terrible reaction did i realize you're only spsed to take 1 tsp, and mix it with something! #fail Anyways, love your blog - even after my near death ACV experience :)

  10. Thanks fro posting those TA workouts from Transform. I've been wanting to try the new workout but am too cheap to buy it- yay for YouTube!