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Thursday, April 24, 2014

discuss amongst ya-selves….. 

The Southern Charm finale confirmed what we had figured out the last few weeks…. that Thomas and 30 years younger Kathryn had a baby together.

I mean…….
I just can't.
I'll hold off on any commentary until the REUNION EPISODE!!!!! 
My Boyfriend Andy Cohen announced on WWHL they are filming a reunion this week,
and what you probably didn't hear was that he was doing it as a birthday present to me :) 
he's so good to me. 

more exciting: Cameran's wedding! I love that she didn't have any part of this aired on the show…. makes her even more lovable than she already is and proves she really is the only sane one on the show. 

 she's so naturally gorgeous I can't stand it. 

Porscha's Boobs are a prime example of why people with no brain cells should not be allowed to pick out their cup size or be trusted to understand a proper quantity of CC's.  
I'm all for pumping 'em up, but seriously, what is the point when they turn out like this? 

I love how Porscha is the one that goes nuts and attacks Kenya…
….and not one of them goes to Kenya.  They all go soothe Porscha.
If that doesn't say something about Kenya, I don't what does.  They hate her so much.

Part one of the reunion was lovely…. so much better than Beverly Hills already.
p.s. I want to be famous just so I can have a man carry me around everywhere like Porscha had.  that would be the life. 

Lilo…… I watched ALL of the episodes on Sunday.  Lilo Overload. 
you are a pathological liar.  it is crazy.
yes, i think you are an insanely talented actress.
however, you are also just plain insane. 
if you want your career to start back up and people to trust you, then don't cancel or not show up for everything you have booked on EVERY episode of the show!!!! 
ummmmmm yep. pretty much.
'cuz it is. 

ugh her mom makes me sick though. 
poor girl didn't stand a chance with those two as parents. 
and PS…. this new magazine article
if this is true, I am flabbergasted all over again. 

pps. the best part of the whole season STILL was hearing the Elle Indonesia girl say "like" every other word….. it was just mind boggling.  and nauseating because that is clearly how our language is perceived. 

Speaking of Lilo……
Rumor Willis's face is turning into Lindsays…. she looks just like her?
She also looks like a street walker.
like… what is that cut out? I can't even comprehend. 

Tori Spelling needs a SNAP OUT IT moment. 

 Let's see….. 
doing a reality TV show about your husbands affair and the cheating and their marriage?
Homegirl is insane from lack of fried food. 

THIS article has me thinking the whole thing may be fake……. 
but I do think it's true that he cheated.
I can't feel sorry for her though, because she was the other woman first.
If he'll cheat WITH you, he'll cheat ON you.  
Come on Tori. 

jackhole of the week: 
because she just always is….

the scenes where her ghostwriter asks lindsay questions about her childhood and her mom tries to answer all of them for her as if it wasn't that bad….

a leeeeettle late to try to act like you had a healthy, happy home to raise kids in. 
I guess Dina Lohan can be our Jackhole of the Week this week…. 

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  1. I'm really sad I fell asleep during the finale of southern charm now - can't believe they had a baby and can't believe that Cameran was engaged the whole time!! I'm happy she kept that under wraps!

  2. bahahaha! I watched true tori and my mouth was literally hanging open! Tori is looking rough and the whole thing was so disturbing! Obsessed with Southern Charm and I can't wait for the reunion with Thomas Ravenall next week! I even got my husband hooked on that one.... AMAZING :)

  3. I had no idea Cameron was engaged or got married and I cannot believe that chick had a baby. Kiss your 20s goodbye she will never get them back!!

  4. Cameran is still my favorite girl from all the Real World Seasons and I love that she's stayed classy! True Tori is just so, so sad. They both look so pathetic. Lilo- I cannot get over her- I still haven't watched the show yet but from the recent interviews I've seen she still looks like a train wreck.