Monday, April 28, 2014

celebrations call for monogrammed desserts
yet no one gave these to me ….. WTF? worst birthday ever. 
I turned 28 this weekend.    
I'm already showing my age and fell asleep for a nap on both saturday and sunday.
I don't nap……ever. 
ugh…. late twenties are already killing me. 
me today: 

I posted a few pics on instagram, but I got nothin' for ya today, 
because I'm old and tired. 
so…. yeah…..

k. bye. 

 photo Signature_zpsffe7a092.png


  1. Happy belated birthday!! That gif is priceless!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hopefully you got at least one thing for your birthday with a monogram on it :)

  3. Happy Birthday! That little kid falling asleep while eating her cereal is hilarious!