weekend recap

Monday, February 10, 2014

this weekend we went up to Lake Geneva to ski and have a little getaway. 

I was terrified of the skiing aspect, since I had only been skiing twice in my life {when I was 16 and 17} and am clearly no ski bunny.
but I shocked myself with my ability to get down the hills without falling. 
I'm not great, and these weren't any giant Colorado mountains, but I can do it.  Who knew? 

they have TV's in the bathroom mirrors.
be still my beating heart. 
I need this in my life ASAP. 

we stayed at the Grand Geneva and it was so gorgeous. 
{it was the home of the original Playboy Club!}
 we had an amazing and relaxing trip! 

now I am sore as hell all over, but can't wait to go back again next year. 

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  1. Sounds like a pretty amazing weekend and the resort looks amazing. I'd be terrified and probably fall more times than I would care to admit!!

  2. I love lake geneva! It's a perfect little get away for winter or summer.

  3. It looks like the perfect getaway!! Hope you aren't so sore tomorrow!

  4. Great pictures - what a perfect getaway weekend. Loving the wine/lodge ambience, but after a tumble off of a moving ski lift, I'll leave the actual skiing to y'all pros!

  5. For someone who doesn't feel like a snow bunny you sure look the part! I would love to try skiing. I have only ever snowboarded (and that was in my early teens!)