awkward family photos.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

we had our engagement party over the weekend and it was such an incredible time. 
it was our first big celebration since our engagement last year and it was great to feel like the festivities are in full swing.  
his family did such an amazing job and we were so lucky. 
even the snow and the cold didn't keep us from a great time.
these were such a cute surprise. 

kip's brother brought his nice camera down, and these were the only photos we got all night together.
ignore messy apartment.  

 I found the dress at Nordstrom.  It's TopShop and it's a steal and I loved it. 
I got the necklace from Francesca's - they are my go to for knock off jewelry. 

I wonder when I'll EVER remember to take the damn pink hair tie off my wrist? 
his brother left the camera for us to use….. so clearly this is how we practiced using it the next morning during our hangover couch session. 
 we are definitely mature enough for marriage. 
yes, I know how nasty and unnecessary this photo is. 
my apologies. 

 photo Signature_zpsffe7a092.png


  1. You looked gorgeous for the engagement party!!! Hope you are enjoying all the festivities!

  2. I am about to run to my Nord's for that dress, it is amazing! I'm literally laughing out loud over that last pic. Girl after my own heart!

  3. You are hilarious - and gorgeous!! Love that dress!!

  4. Lady you are rocking that dress! You are going to be such a gorgeous bride!