merry merry

Monday, December 23, 2013

I think I'll be checking out for the rest of the year….. 

I'll be celebrating Christmas with Kip's family this year,
and then on the 26th we are heading to Mexico for a long overdue vacation together. 

photos via 

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays. 

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a fun activity for your holiday travels….

Sunday, December 22, 2013

thank you linda for sending this my way!
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coffee talk

Thursday, December 19, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves……

So I finally caught up on Part I and II of Palm Springs, but other than Kim praying to a trash can nothing happened in part II, so we'll focus on last week. 

Kyle continues to wear the hideous bejeweled necklace neck leash in all of her commentary, which the store owner in the scene where they went shopping CLEARLY has not seen because all she did was talk about HOW AMAZING SHE LOOKED while Kyle smiled and giggled (vomit). 

Meanwhile, Kim is seriously just as high as always during all of her diary commentary. 
What is she putting in these juices that she is so obsessed with? She needs a juicer so bad she has to travel with it?  
There's got to a leeeeeetle something more than juice in those drinks? 

Brandi and Yolanda are clearly BFF's because Palm Springs reminds them each of their favorite things.
 Yolanda and her master cleanse, and Brandi and her booger sugar. 
I really can't stand Brandi and then she says things like that and I just laugh my damn ass off. 

YolandaThe first time I was in Palm Springs was the first time I did the master cleanse
Brandi: Oh really it was the first time I did cocaine
Brandi: I’m just kidding. That was San Francisco.

Then she also says the highlight of Part II episode:
I don't have a drinking problem, I have a drinking solution.

Why the hell do people care if Jaqueline Joyce (she totally looks like a Jacqueline) is in the pool or not??? These women are so freaking insane that they will find a way to bitch about absolutely anything.

Jacqueline Joyce host's an insanely nice fancy-shmancy weekend in Palm Springs, but that damn bitch is such a horrible host for not getting in the pool. Clearly rule number one of hosting is getting in the water. 

Methinks Lisa was being a giant bitch and pain in the ass in Palm Springs. First she acts like sleeping in a guest mansion is being sent to sleep in a closet on a cot.  
No ironed sheets!! Oh my gawd - I'm appalled. 
 and then she totalllllly manipulates all of the dinner conversation…. I feel like each episode this season I'm seeing more and more conniving beyotch in her….she's a serious manipulator. 

We learn another lovely fact about Carlton: 
she has a tattoo of a cross with F*ck You on it.
because those two things clearly go together. 
and because as we know she is the classiest lady ever. 
speaking of ironic, Brandi's virgin mary bikini top …..

Oh! And we can add something else to our ongoing list here on Coffee Talk!
Things that Bloody F**ing Disgust Carlton:
DON'T use the words peer pressure!!! It is INAPPROPRIATE.
But Brandi calling Joyce a black person because she can't swim is totally okay.

Michaele Salahi, the crazy-pants DC housewife that crashed the white house with that creepy-ass ex husband of hers,
married the lead singer of Journey. 

and, the best part of all, it was filmed for Pay Per View.
you can pay $14.99 and watch it.
who in their right mind would pay to watch this?? 
{soooo who wants to come over and drink so much Prosecco that it then becomes appropriate to watch this as a joke??}

Did anyone see the Spencer and Heidi E! Special,
because it was completely worth a watch.

Best part: Spencer talks about how he gained 50 pounds from eating pie. 

Second best part: Heidi choosing that horrid baby blue v-neck oversized sweater to do her interview in.  
whenever they show the old photos of her I still just can't believe how cute she used to be.

Whaaaaat are these three doing together?? 

Two videos I'm loving this week: 


oh, and one more. John mayer and katy perry awkwardness premiering their video.

sweet jacket, john. 

Jackhole of the Week:
Who else? Kanye.
Check out a cop's response to him comparing himself to a person in the military,

and South Park's parody of his BS. 

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wedding wednesday

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One of the many necessities for a bride-to-be is stationary.
And pretty stationary at that! 
You will likely receive gifts not only for the wedding, but for celebrations prior such as bridal showers, a bachelorette party, or an engagement party. 
registering on a snowy sunday last weekend 

I recently received an email from Wedding Paper Divas and I was inspired to use this gorgeous monogrammed stationary for my Thank You notes.
the picture doesn't show it as well, but it's a beautiful navy and cream set.

Here are some helpful tips for being the thankful bride that you are:

First of all, the goods! Use nice, heavy duty stationary - treat yourself to something special - and a nice pen, not one that will smear or blob while writing.  And blue or black ink only, of course. 
My monogrammed set is on a gorgeous card stock and came with beautiful matching envelopes; have your return address embossed on the envelopes for an extra touch.
they arrived in a gorgeous box too! 

Start writing thank you notes the moment you receive a gift ; don't wait until the wedding.  

If you do not know the person or couple well, go with a formal greeting (Mr. and Mrs.) just to be safe. 

After the wedding, you may use a joint monogram on the stationary, but until then you have to use your name and initials only.  This goes for the invitations and all monogram items.
  Unfortunately, no new monogram until the program for the ceremony.
I already have about 6 options from Wedding Paper Divas selected for when we can use our joint monogram! You know how pathetically giddy this makes me. 

Send your note within 2 weeks time prior to the wedding for gifts received before, and send notes within a month after the wedding for those received afterwards.

Specifically name the gift in your note, and how you will use it - make it personal. 

If the gift is money, you do not need to acknowledge the amount, but do say how you'll spend it in your note.

You and your fiancé or husband can split up the writing of notes if you choose.  You can write to your family and friends and he to his.  This way the burden doesn't fall entirely on the bride.
{cough: yeah. right.} 

It can be so easy to lose track of who gave you what and if you mailed them a thank you note yet or not.  Add a column in the spreadsheet with your guests name and addresses with "Note Sent" and check it off as you send notes.

Don't try to do too many at once.  Set a goal of a few per day, and it'll make the process much more enjoyable.  Keep a couple in your purse, and at lunch during work or when waiting for doctors appointments you can quickly check them off the list. 
{This is a great tip for getting Christmas cards out too!}

Finally, it's not only gifts that you should send thank you cards for!
Send personal, heartfelt notes to your friends and family who are truly helping to make your engagement and wedding a special time.  Your bridal party, parents, in-laws, officiant, wedding planner, etc.  
There is no such thing as thanking someone too much!

And of course, don't be a dumbass.
 As Ross likes to remind us, 

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christmas jammies

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So many people have some kind of pajama tradition when it comes to Christmas or Christmas Eve. 
whether it's awful socks from your grandparents,
or matching pajamas that your whole family opens on Chrsitmas Eve to wear the following morning,   
I don't know what girl doesn't like a new pair of pajamas.
Comfy plaid pants or cute nighties…. I love it all. 
{and I actually really love the socks too…. am I the only one?}
jammies 1
can you tell I'm a little more obsessed with blue and white than red for the holidays? 
one // two // three // four // five // six 

jammies 2
one // two // three // four // five 
I have the second romper and I love it - navy stripes, cute neon trim, amazing price + so comfy and flattering.

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monday ramblings

Monday, December 16, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Mine ended with a bit of a mishap and my car breaking down in the freezing Chicago weather 
 but, luckily, there was lots of Christmas merriment and time with friends in between.

I finally decorated our tree; it had been just lights for the last two weeks.

Plus, decorating was done while watching Love Actually,
 {clearly the greatest Christmas movie ever along with The Holiday.}


I got extremely frustrated trying to finish some online shopping.
I found this gadget and thought it would be perfect for Kip's dad and brothers,

a keychain with like 90 tool options
buuuuttt then I was informed that they already have it.
Seriously? Grrr. Back to square one. 

if anyone has tacky christmas sweater parties coming up,
you should wear this.

how freaking cute? 

Hope you have a good start to the week before Christmas! 

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the more you know……

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Remember the "the more you know…." NBC commercials from childhood?
who am I kidding? of course you do!
well…. I literally thought I was losing my mind when I saw this one.
It came on during an SNL commercial break and I thought it was an SNL parody.

I started cracking up after the giant $%&#(@&$*^$@, and then realized it was a legit commercial.

apparently America's youth is a bunch of *&#*($&(# and these are the educational commercials they air now. 

the more you know……
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lust list: under $50, $100, $150

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been told this week's Real Housewives was incredible.
I sadly haven't been able to snuggle with my DVR this week, but am hoping to catch up with some quality time tonight.
my idea of heaven. 

what do we all think of Courtney loves Dallas?! 
and did anyone see Scandal!?
I'll have full commentary on everything asap!

For today, some more gift ideas for the holidays (errrr you) at every price point.

under 50

 sweater // bow belt // scarf // dress

under 100

under 150

watch //  calf hair clutch // necklace // cross body {in 6 different colors}

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lust list

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

lust list for the week….
 all would be perfect gifts for someone you love. 

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