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Thursday, October 31, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves..... 

I've been meaning to comment on this for weeks....
Nene's Wedding show just finished with the big giant 2 million dollar celebration.  
best part of the entireshow: that nene does not know how to say the word bridesmaids. 

Bride Maid.  Bride Maid. 9 million times. 
I will now be referring to my bridesmaids as Bride Maid and whenever they ask me a question will respond with "there's a reason the word MAID is at the end of bride maid.  you are my maid." 

kelsey grammar's greek god boyfriend is apparently not as great as she made him seem. (via)
while recovering from surgery, he went all chris brown and physically abused her and she has filed a restraining order against him.  yikes. 

I guess things can get worse than being cheated on on national TV by d-bag Kelsy Grammar. 
Let this be a lesson to all women: do not ever date a man with hair that looks like that. 
 {I jest.  No this is not funny.... but his hair is.  Silver lining). 

RHONY gossip: 
apparently mario has been cheating on ramona (via)

this is shocking not surprising at all to anyone who has ever watched the show. 
how AMAZING must her crazy eyes be when she finds out he is cheating when her eyes are naturally that insane?!?!

oh my god I bet they are so good!!!! oh to be a fly on the wall for that situation. 
no wonder the world is running out of wine, I am ramona is drinking it all! 

remember that angry Apprentice chick that no one cares about? 
omarosa was on bethenny's show and sh*t went downnnn. (via)
I hadn't seen omarosa or thought about her in years until she randomly had 2 minutes of air time at nene's wedding.... as you can see, she is still doing nothing, she is still a crazy giant bitch, and still no one gives a crap about her.

khloe and lamar made a rare public appearance together at kanye's concert (via)
oh, and bruce and kris were there together too.

no appearances at all from khloe and lamar - except at a kanye concert.
file for divorce, and then show up at kanye's concert. 
as if I didn't believe that every single move someone in that family makes is strategically planned, now I really do. 
 insert giant eye roll. 
{p.s. wasn't seeing that magazine cover like walking downstairs in your jammies on christmas morning? it just made my day. too freaking good.}  

tori spelling is getting a little LeAnn Rimes on us. 
{for those of you new to the blog, LeAnn Rimes is a giant NO around these parts.} 
I like Tori, I do, she seems so nice, but I mean..... just  STOP TALKING already.  she had a "sit down one on one interview E! Special" with Giuliana (ugh, so LeAnn of her) talking about EVERYTHING - including her dad's spirit being in the room for the interview. (watch here

It seems like she is doing ANYTHING to be talked about right now (ugh, so LeAnn) like admitting to lying about how she lost the baby weight (talking about weight at all, insert eye roll, ugh geez LeAnn!!!!) 
TORI.  Good Lord. I'm sure 99% of celebrities didn't lose it "eating healthy and working out".... they all lie.  this is not news. we do not care.  

this week's jackhole of the week: chris brown 
he's checked into rehab after his latest assault disaster (via)
runner up jackhole of the week:  rihanna.  
because something tell me she'll STILL be back with him at some point in the future. 
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wedding wednesday

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

if I were having a winter wedding..... 

this Rosa Clara would be on the top of my dress wishlist.  
simple. classic. stunning. 

for those of you that love wedding blogs and sites as much as I do,
town and country weddings has been the latest wedding website added to my bookmarks folder.  also, carats & cake  

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fall favorites

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

this hairbrush has changed my life.

my hair is like a rats nest. 
even if I brush it before showering and use copious amounts of conditioner.
  when it is wet, I can never get a brush through it.  
but now I'm all like 
thank god my hairstylist gave me the wet brush.  get it now people.  

the outfit I will be living in all fall, just rotating shoes,
awkward family solo photos style 

this gap sweater is the yummiest thing ever. 
Gap does 25%-40% codes every week, so make sure you buy it when you can get even more money off (and usually free shipping).  I got it last sunday for 40% off
I love this cuff from Bauble Bar - my two favorites: gold and diamonds. 
and an amazing price. 

social media rings - too cute

and finally,
this smart ass pillow was made for me. 

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monogram monday

Monday, October 28, 2013

I received these monogrammed wine glasses from Keeley Kraft as an engagement gift and I am obsessed! 
When I was looking through her blog, I came across her trip to Giraffe Manor in Africa and it has been all I have been thinking about ever since.   I read the whole post and it sounds like the trip of a lifetime. 

photos via her blog 

I can't even believe this place is real! 

Kip and I have a weird inside joke/obsession with giraffes and we talk about our pet giraffe Jeffrey all the time (don't ask....) 
We've added this to the top spot on the bucket list! 
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halloween giggles

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I just love this.


My last haunted house was senior year of high school and I nearly died.  I will never, ever step foot in one again.

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wedding wednesday

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I have been laughing my tush off since yesterday.
Want to know why? 
Because Kanye proposed

and even better,
IN ALL CAPS LOCK. true kanye style. 

I just love it so much.
I'll try to hold my crazy judgement for this in.... but.... 
I don't care if the baseball park is rented out for just the two of them and the ring is the size of Cleveland, it's still proposing on a damn scoreboard.   

and on an unrelated note,
these shoes are amazing.
shoes don't get me very excited.....but these do. 
they come in a gorgeous emerald green too. 

I feel like some people really care about their wedding shoes, but I couldn't care less.  I just want something comfortable and easy. 
I wish those trashy platform sandals we use to wear back in the day were still in style and wedding appropriate.... they were ugly as hell, but damn were they comfortable! 

did you wear white shoes for your wedding,
or go with blue for your "something blue"? 

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lust list: fall neutrals

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

lusts for the week...... 
only $79 

only $35 

also obsessed with this bracelet and this bracelet 

I fell in love with this sweater at Gap when I stopped in to the new store this weekend,
 but of course they barely had anything left. 

They have it online though and keep doing 35% off sales so be on the lookout. 

also love these and these 

and a splurge coat to go gaga over

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weekend recap

Monday, October 21, 2013

I went to an amazing engagement party for one of my best friends at Little Goat on Friday 
how cute are these? best last names to join forces ever. 
I never knew how amazing goat was - there was a goat quesadilla that changed my life. 

Sunday I had brunch with girlfriends and we ventured to an apple orchard for a fall funday.  

 after all that good old fashioned family fun
there was a gem of a strip joint we passed on the country road.... 

I mean.... have you ever seen something so fantastic in your life? 
I actually got 2 splinters and my finger was bleeding because I ran and jumped to lay in front of this with far too much excitement.
worth it.

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