weekend recap

Monday, September 30, 2013

I headed south to visit my family this weekend and it was so nice to be home. 
I brought a treat for my future nephew from Chicago. 
 My sister made the most amazing dinner.
Ina Garten's Meatballs with spaghetti.  I have NEVER tasted a meatball this great. 
 She also made the cutest dessert - mini oreo cheescakes! 
 We went and registered for my wedding china.... take one guess as to which direction this is going.... 

obviously I added these to the list as well. 
 checking out the chargers - monogram options for script/block, center/top of plate

 The Christmas china is a fortune - all of it is hand painted and the price sure as hell shows it.  I won't be registering for any of these because of that, but hopefully over the years I can collect a few pieces because I just love it. 

Oh, and update from the book club front: 
The Interestings was awful.  Seriously Disappointing. 

anyone else read it? thoughts? 

I'm happy to be home and back to my devoted DVR.  He's always so happy to see me. 
So many shows to catch up on - How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Project Runway, Revenge, Homeland... the list goes on and on. 

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wishlist wednesday

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

lusts for the week..... 
with lots under $100! 

{dress}  back in stock! under $100

{earrings}  under $100

{sweater}   under $100

I am obsessed with these booties. 

{necklace}  under $100 

{sweater}  under $100

{top}  under $100

and when it gets chilly..... oh, yes please
{gloves}  under $100

And from previous wishlists - these two just haven't left my mind.  This J.Crew t-shirt has my name written all over it.  Cost per wear of this bad boy will be 5 cents so it is totally justified.  
And this hat will be my saving grace when dry shampoo just isn't gonna cut it.

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this just in.....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kanye west is the "No. 1 Rock Star on the Planet."
this news is, of course, brought to us from Yeezus himself. 
He is also the No. 1 Ass on the Planet.  

check out the interview (just one of many filled with his ridiculous words) here

I had an amazing weekend with my brother-in-law and his friends in town. 

 so many photo bombs, so little time 
 Just realizing I wore stripes all weekend.... 

 mr. dicknose and a bride, with no husband to be seen, hanging on hubbard 
 inaugural taco fest on southport. 
while I enjoy a street fest in our neighborhood, the constant blasting music for two days straight was a little much for me.  

I put myself on a zero shopping budget August 1st and am proud to say it has extended all the way through this last week of September.  But I'm starting to get the twitches and tics of Lamar Odom going through withdrawal, and I think the second October 1st comes around some online shopping for fall is going to need to happen. 
 It'll be my 60 day reward for not shopping by shopping.  Like how the most natural way to celebrate sticking to a diet is to devour as much fried food and cream cheese based dips as possible the second it ends.  Obviously. 
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coffee talk

Thursday, September 19, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves..... 

Tamra's OC Wedding ended with a yawn. 
I did love bitchy Vicki's comments though: 
It really surprised me.... I thought she'd be a little more.... mediocre.
She must have had someone else doing all of this.

and EW EDDIE. quit groping Tamra on WWHL.  especially while discussing the CHILDREN.  
His hand was practically up her dress. Get a frickin' room.  gawddddd.
they are so nasty - remember the sex in the bathtub the first season they were together? {throw-up-in-the-mouth}. 

I'm just gonna say it....even though I sound like my mom, I think I'm really into DWTS this season?!
I watched the first episode and I was into it.  

Okay, Matt Nordregen has hit a new low, even for him.
The star douche from Most Eligible Dallas has dated 9 million celebrities while trying to gain recognition and act like he has a personality. 
He dated Vienne from The Bachelorette and Audrina. 

oh, and even Taylor.
Did someone say fame-whore? 
I guess he likes ladies who booze. 
And now, Lilo? for real? 
Maybe he'll date her mother, DUI Dina Next. 
haha, lilo dating Matt from Dallas Bravo Show

I am shocked to hear the news about Zack Efron in rehab.
Rumors that he is a coke addict?
Good for him for getting help - but I am shocked.
I guess hotties with 12 packs and perfect teeth have problems too.  Who knew?

Speaking of hotties with 12 packs... Clint Eastwood's has a son that just randomly came out of the woodwork, and holy-good-lord. 
How many children does he have? Why are they just randomly appearing? 

Nene's wedding show is already 10x better than Tamra's. 
 I'm loving it.
She is hilarious.  
They keep dancing around what Greg did, and won't verbalize it, but they are making it pretty damn clear he cheated, am I right? 

UMMMM Blake Lively's sister is the girl from TEEN WITCH???!!! 
{krissy if you are reading this....}
I think we all know who the bigger star in this family is. 
How am I just now learning this incredible fact?? 

Eat that adrianne.
Paul is going to be on a plastic surgery show, and clearly a TV mega-star.
remember this perv? and his scary skinny depressing wife? I know you do.... 

If this show is anything like dr. 90210, i will be disgustingly glued to the televison while screaming and covering my eyes during the operations.

I love Jimmy + Justin so damn much. 
Happy End of Summer.

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oh hey.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I stepped away from my busy sche-schule to check in with all of you

I'll let others speak for me today.
you're welcome.

The Hong Kong Marathon has banned cell phones... because people were taking selfies and putting themselves and others in danger. 

A moving 3 minutes about what's important.
A great karma story.  Pay it forward, people. 

An interesting, and necessary, look at being social - but more importantly on it's connection to loneliness 
"if we are not able to be alone, we are only going to know how to be lonely." 

A hilarious article about Surviving Whole Foods.  
"Then I see the Gluten-Free isle filled with foods made from cardboard and sawdust. I skip this isle because I'm not rich enough to have dietary restrictions.

Oh my Lord.  Watch the video of these two. 
maybe on mute... the music distracts from the love
I can't even handle it.  My heart swells. 

Glee is going to be tough to watch, 
and Lea Michelle singing Yesterday is an example of why.  
*fixed the link!

Would it be pathetic to watch the Turkish version of The OC just to re-live the glory days of Marisa and Summer? 


I am doing cartwheels over here!!! 
....Now if only I could convince myself to dislike her damn song. 

The One Room Challenge is right around the corner!! 

I found Linda, the head of the ORC's, blog last year through the One Room Challenge and I am obsessed.  

It's like Pinterest --> it makes me feel like I can DIY anything and am a total Martha Stewart (and then of course...... I don't move from the couch and just stare at the screen. and maybe Pin images if my fingers are feeling strong.) 

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coffee talk

Thursday, September 12, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves.....

i'm glad we all agreed about miley's video/song on Tuesday. 
I feel like I can't buy the song on iTunes on principle... but damn I hate that I like it! 
Apparently up next is a song with her and Brit Brit
d.listed pointed out to me that she looks like a sad furby before she goes all nuts with her damn tongue licking things. 

totally sad furby - good call.

I'm having a difficult time watching Tamra's OC Wedding. 
Who the hell do you think you are?  Unless Bravo is picking up the ENTIRE check, you need to simmer the hell down.

 Tamra has the worst taste ever, and it seems her planner does too. It's like the blind leading the blind here. 
I'm not even going to comment on her Vegas flip-out or her Crazy-Ass family.... this is marriage #3 for her and my guess is divorce #3 as well.  She's insane. 

Gywneth paltrow - I'm always flip-floping with her.  I like her, and then she does crap like this:
and this (McDonald's bashing)  and this (GOOP article obnoxiousness) .
She does an entire back-to-school post with ridiculously expensive staplers and crap, and then EVERY link doesn't even go to the item - it just goes to main webpage. WHAT?
 {I know this because it was in the above article.... not because I actually clicked on everything - swear :) }. 
Seriously.... over 100 items or something - and not ONE is an actual link. 
Gwynnie.... you are proving the press right.... 
and once someone talks badly about McDonald's it's really hard to get off my shit list.... 

This has been the most epic season of big brother ever.  So good I can't handle it. 
But now I am entirely bored with everyone left and don't want any of them to win? How did this happen? 
Once the lunatics and bitchs left, nothing fun was happening.  
I miss psycho Amanda and Elissa's facial expressions laughing in her face.
{how amazing and unreal was the whole amanda + elissa situation last week? 
I don't know how she just sat there and laughed in her face but it was incredible}

 The finale is next week: Who are you hoping wins?? 

Remember the hilarity that was summer heights high?
ja'mie is back!

emily blunt is preggo!! 
I love it - love these two together.  So damn cute. 

Holy Lamar Odom : 
Am I the only one that truly never saw this coming?? 
I wonder how long Khloe has seen this coming or what that whole situation really is right now? Or if it's true that it's all just cheating and a Kardashian cover up? 
....and since when do rich people do crack cocaine? 
isn't crack for the poor-drug-folk? 
I'm no drug expert, but Whitney Houston's incredible reality show Being Bobby Brown taught me a thing or two about crack (may she RIP).
one of the best moments in all of television.  

My love andy cohen has apparently found himself a dime piece.
Sean Avery!

 I don't know why I never realized these two would be hooking up? 

beiber is trying to grow a 'stash?
just go away already.

kris humphries is auctioning off kim k's engagement ring.

atta-boy.  milk it for all it's worth.  

this video is possibly the funniest thing I have watched all week.
so watch it, because I swear you'll love it. 

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