wedding wednesday

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I have so many pretty Southern Weddings that I see that just make me drool.

This one has so many incredible details.  It is the epitome of classic and timeless, and in a stunning outdoor location. 

see part one here, and part two here

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Poll Time!

Monday, August 26, 2013

there's really only one thing to ask on this monday morning..... 

who pissed you off more last night during the VMA's? 
Miley or Taylor? 

I feel like overall my answer is always Miley, but my God if they showed Taylor acting like a 12 year old one more damn time (especially during Justin Timberlake, the only reason we were all watching) I was going to lose it. 

I think I had nightmares about both last night. 

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fall fashion finds.... and the most anticipated moment ever.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

the september issues are making me very excited for fall fashion!
j.crew in particular is quickly filling up my wish list.


so many perfect fall staples: 
striped tee with a built in necklace
a dash of leopard print
ray bans get even better in pink
the perfect monogram hat for dirty-hair-days

I'm currently doing the above all over my apartment. 
oh... and maybe a little bit of this?
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coffee talk

Thursday, August 22, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves...... 

Let's start with THE most important news in the history of the world. 

'N SYNC is rumored to reunite at the VMA's this weekend.... 
If this happens, I will go certifiably insane.  I have always said I would camp out on the street for days for tickets to a reunion concert if they ever have one, and this would be the closest thing yet!

 I need to pull out my 'N SYNC t-shirt I slept in until last year for far too long and put it on for good luck. 
{say your prayers everyone.} 

I'll be unable to sleep until Sunday I'm sure.... 

Wentworth Miller (from Prison Break) came out as a loud an proud gay actor.
{slow clap for the gays, aw-damn-head-shake for the straight ladies.} 

In more shocking news.... he is 41? 
that's ALMOST as shocking as Revenge boy Nolan being 41.  

The news about Gia from The Bachelor + Bachelor Pad's suicide is so horrible. But worse, I feel, is all of the sad stories constantly on the internet.  People has  articles titled 

 Leave her family and him alone.  Publishing articles basically blaming the suicide on him? Awful and disgusting beyond words. I really don't understand how it is legal or why, but the releasing of the 911 phone calls is also so disturbing to me.  And this week there was another actor that committed suicide.  So, so sad. 

Okay.... now to lighten things up:
People are stealing life size cut-outs of David Hasselhoff from convenience stores.
As in, hundreds of cutouts have been stolen, and the store is constantly ordering more. 
Hahaha. I love it.  

Kim Kardashian truly knows how to ruin just about everything.

There's a funeral + celebration of someone's life, but by all means make it a circus about you and little Nori.  ughhh she just drives me insane! 

lily collins - put some clothes on girl. 
We get it.  you are skinny as hell with tight abs. now get dressed... and not in a black crop top please. 

I know a few of you have commented before that you watch Big Brother, so I just need to slip this in {that's what she he said} , 
but this is the best season of big brother EVER.
 Week after week I am wondering who is going to go home and if they'll be back-doored and when everyone is going to turn on each other.  This was the week to back-door Amanda.... there aren't many people left and they are going to have to start turning on each other soon.  

kim zolciak is expecting twins! 
this lady must be the most fertile myrtle in the entire world. 

and if you haven't seen this video yet, watch it. 

She needs to get her butt on SNL immediately. 

Oh.... and to go back to 'N SYNC to end this bad boy. 
This article about the '99 VMA's totally brings me back to a time when life was so damn amazing. I mean, look at all of this goodness: 
ohhhhh we all remember this 
and the booby-shake seen round the world 
and this trainwreck of a couple. 

This performance needs a repeat. 

What trash are you watching on TV that I need to get caught up on?? 
I'm so behind on my Bravo shows!! Ahhh! 

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wishlist wednesday

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

lusts for the week.....

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Mish Mash

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I have a mish mash of topics for today to share. 
First of all, a delayed Monogram Monday.  I received an e-mail last week from a reader named Lauren and it made my day! 

 She is a southern transplant that recently moved to Chicago, and she and her friend have an incredible shop called Nico and Lala featuring customizable gifts, stationary, custom invitation, and event branding.  
 monograms in the envelope liner? yes, please! 

Obviously my heart when pitter-patter when I perused all of the amazing things they sell online, not to mention how incredible the custom invitations of theirs could be for upcoming showers and parties! With friends weddings coming up, a new set of stationary would be the perfect gift.

all photos via Nico + Lala

Their blog is also great - it features amazing parties and weddings on a regular basis.  So go check out their items - they are having a 20% off flash sale right now with code FLASH20! 

Next up: Book Club.

The last month or two I have been reading like crazy (well... everyday. For me that is crazy.  I normally stare at the television until my eyes cross.) 
"They" say (you know.... those people everyone always refers to but no one knows who the hell "they" are) using electronics before bed can mess with your head and mess with your sleep schedule, so I have been trying to avoid perusing blogs, instagram, and pinterest before bedtime.  

Instead, I shut off all the electronics by 9 and start reading.  {I feel like such a grown up. Does dumb crap like this make other people feel old? Like.... Making the bed in the morning? Who am I and why do I suddenly care about the damn pillows!?} 

okay sorry.... so the first edition of old lady book club: I try to alternate "chick books" with more mainstream "intellectual" novels so that my fiance and friends don't judge me too much. 

The same author as Gone Girl (the greatest book ever). I found it creepy and disturbing, but I also was always interested to find out what would happen and how it would end.  A very quick read.  Her other book Dark Places is on the list of ones to read. 

Like most of Sophie Kinsella's books, it is super cheesy and lighthearted, but sweet and funny too. It's a quick read, probably because not many brain cells are required, but that makes me like it even more. 

I loved, loved, loved this book.  My future mother-in-law gave this to me and she always gives me the best books.  It takes place in the 40's and has romance as well as history all mixed into one. Each chapter alternates from the present to eight years prior in the past.  It's the perfect beach read - and a warning, it'll leave you wanting to drink gin and tonic and smoke the whole time you read it, because they are doing it constantly. 

This is another one of the NYT Best-Sellers.  It was different than expected..... It tells the story of a few friends over the course of a few years.  It was not as good as I had hoped.... I kind of never understood what the point of the book was? 

In my opinion, do not read this.  Another NYT best-seller, but it was completely opposite of what I was expecting.  The review says it's about "the impossible, haunting power of love - obsessive love, illicit love, fading love, maternal love."  Umm.... right up my alley! But no.  Every other word is a curse word (and I don't mean f-bombs or sh*t, or even the horrid c-word.... it was all kinds of bad language).  Each chapter is a story about losing love, and it was NOT the kind of sappy-crap I was looking for.  It was sad, yes, and I'm sure in a critically-acclaimed-writing-way it was well written, but it was truly filthy. No gracias. 

I love, love, loved The Devil Wears Prada and this did not disappoint either.  Like the first, it is a quick read, but it takes the characters down paths you don't expect and it perfectly picks up where the last left off. 

This is my current read.... I'm in the beginning of it, but so far I like it.  I love books that span a length of time, past and present, and this is just that - friends from summer camp but in the present day. 

What are you all reading?
What should be next on the list? 
Was this enough rambling to annoy the crap out of you? 

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