wedding wednesday

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

By far the most important vendor selection for me was the photographer.  For the band, florist, videographer, etc. I was/am very content using everyone my sister used for her wedding three years ago.  {It also makes it so much easier}. But not the photographer - I needed full control on this one. Being a wedding blog freak liker, I had high expectations for what I wanted in a photographer.  

I just about peed my pants when I found out David Murray was available for our date.  His photos are just amazing, more "photojournalism" than posed family photos.  I am so excited to see how everything will turn out.  

all photos via David Murray Photography

What was the "one thing" that was most important to you in planning? 
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lust list

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I get so sad when the fall clothing is already hitting the websites and stores
 (especially when it takes until about that time for it to get warm here),
 but I mixed in some summertime pieces today too. 
 I'm just not ready to admit it is almost August!  

also available in black and cream 

only $69 + piperlime does 10% off every tuesday

J. Crew's jewelry, as always, is amazing right now 



almost as killer as the black rachel zoe from a few weeks ago


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Weekend(s) Recap

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm back from a long blog break.  I have to admit, it was nice to get away for a bit, but I'm happy to be back. 

Here are some photos from the last couple weekends.  Two weekends ago my best friend and her fiancĂ© visited, and this weekend I headed to NYC to visit some girlfriends.  

this dress is so comfortable!! 

{target dress} - incredible cut and texture in person  

and then NYC...... 
 drinks at boat basin on the Hudson 

 night at flaming saddles, the greatest all male coyote ugly bar 

 biking the hudson, view of Freedom Tower 
 incredible dinner at Barbuto 
 I've now decided every drink should have plastic mermaids floating in them 

I'm a lucky lady.  The last two weeks have been amazing.  
What have all of you been up to?! I'll be catching up on all your blogs this week! 

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cosby blurred lines.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I just can't get enough of this. 

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what up with that?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I've been MIA for over a week now! ahh! 
What up with that????? 

{if you don't know What Up With That!? you are doing yourself a serious disservice.  
SNL is highly educational.}

There's been lots of things going on. 
 I had a trip home to see my family - especially to my beautiful sister, who I can finally announce is expecting a little one! 

 I've been hitting up bridal stores, trying on so many pretty things.

  We had a weekend of my family meeting my man-friends family for the first time.   
And lots of pointless crap in between :)  

The funniest aspect of all of this is that my fiance is probably ready to lose his mind, because while my mom has been here the two of us are like this:   
and he clearly is the one on the right. 

 We are glued to the television at night, talking nonstop, and try to include him but he has no earthly clue what we are talking about {nor does he care, I'm sure}. 
When we aren't watching TV at night, we're like: 

 Poor thing.  We thought it would be hilarious to tell him that she is staying longer because she needs to be here to watch the big finale of one of our shows and his eyes looked like this: 
Cruel joke. God bless him.  

Anyways..... enough blah-blah-blah. 
I'll work on posting this week, but I may be away until next week.  I'll pop in to discuss the happenings on Bravo as soon as possible :) 

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Coffee Talk

Friday, July 12, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves......

Bachelorette prediction:
Brooks dumps her ass.  She was crying about how she had "Reached the finish line" with him.  That sounds like she's banging him, but apparently it's her language for "fallen in love." I feel like if she is already saying she loves him and he said he is "walking" it ain't gonna happen.  I also feel like you should act like adults and quit referring to your relationship in this stupid metaphors, but whatever. 

 I want her to pick Chris. (I know, I know... he writes A LOT of poems but I don't have enough cheese in my life so why the hell not). 
He seems the most normal.... but hometown dates are next week and people's families are always all kinds of f'ed up and ruin it, don't they? {cough... Des family.  her psycho brother returns next week.}
I also totally forgot how BORING and dumb Sean's pick Catherine was until that staged scene played out. Her voice....No. 

Real Housewives of OC:
VICKI.  Vicki finds out that Lauri has been talking about her and her sleeping around/possible three-some and goes bat-sh*t-crazy.  I just rewound and replayed the last 5 minutes of that show about 15 times. 
{I literally did a snapchat video of this scene and sent it out to people laughing my ass off.  It was pure Bravo Gold}. 
Plus, they are all wearing ski goggles as this happens and they look like freaks on the mountain. Lydia takes this opportunity to make snow angels, and I couldn't help but think it seemed like an awesome thing to do if you were high. 
Isn't that ironic? Too bad her mom wasn't there.

Princesses of Long Island: Nothing new here. 
Erica continues to be the worst girlfriend ever and get drunk + whore it up. 
And the Jeff saga continues. How many jokes and innuendo's are they going to make about Jeff??
"I'll just be in the closet baby.  I'll be hanging out in your closet.  I'm locked in the closet!" 
Him and this creepy "relationship" make the show. 

Soooo I know only a few of you said you watch Big Brother, but this week I think everyone knows about it.  One (a few) but mostly one of the houseguests have been making some serious racial comments and it made all the news outlets.  I've had to explain the scenario to my friends because no one gets it, but basically they are mic'd and on camera 24/7 and they know it.  It's not like Real World or anything - it NEVER ends and there are 20 cameras on each person at every time.  People can watch online or on TV 24/7.  SO when you say these things, people are WATCHING.  She was already the obnoxious bitch in the house, and now this is the sugar on top. 
whoever made this mean girls reference is hilarious
 The best part is she has already lost her job, all of America things she is horrible, and she is sitting in the house and has NO idea and will have no idea until she gets kicked out (which could be as far away as September).  
{watch clip here... or google and it'll make more sense}
It truly is such an amazing show.  I was SCREAMING during the power of veto Wednesday and was SO excited about last night's turn of events (won't spoil it for the 3 of you that watch incase you haven't seen it!). 
AND Chen-bot (andy cohen's nickname for her) asked Aaryn questions about while she smiled like the dumbass she is.  Julie Chen was PISSSEDDD.  If eyes could kill.  God I love Big Brother. 
{sorry if that whole segment made no sense}. 
Amanda is at it again.  It started with calling President Obama and Michelle "ugly".  Um.... what?  Even for her, that is seriously shocking. 
I watched She's the Man this weekend and felt pangs of sadness.... I miss the old Amanda.
The blue wig for court.... the dog.  That poor dog was even trying to get away from her as she used it as a shield from the paparazzi. 
She tweeted yesterday "my life has changed for the better ever since I started tweeting in lower case font".
I mean... SO poetic.  Kanye could really learn some things from this crazy.  

I don't understand why George Clooney breaking up is such big news.  Isn't that a guarantee when you start dating him? 
I wonder which young celeb will be next. She should be thanking him for giving her a career again. 

I'm interested to see how this John Mayer and Katy Perry plays out.  

When you call someone a tortured soul, it's probably not a good thing that you start dating them again? 
But anyone is a step up from Russell Brandt I suppose. 

Is Jenny McCarthy being considered for The View a joke? 
I just can't comprehend how this would be a possibility.  Don't get me wrong, she is hilarious.... on WWHL or Chelsea Lately! Not on morning TV! She has the dirtiest mouth ever!? But then again I can't stand every single person on The View so why the hell not.  They are going to freak out about Elizabeth Hasselbeck and then try to hire Jenny McCarthy??? 

Oh! Breaking News! US Weekly Exclusive: Kanye's not changing diapers!

I mean.... why is this news? 
Kris Jenner and Justin Beiber's mom were on WWHL this week.  The only person more annoying than Kris or Beiber is Beiber's mother.  She acts like a 15 year old.  
beleiber or mother? 
She wouldn't answer a single question or play anything in any of the games.  She basically just sat there showing her gums.  And, she couldn't even answer "what is the most embarassing thing your child has ever done?".  
UM. HELLO! Have you seen your son?? 
Here is an article with 20 possible answers to that question. 
We can start with writing in Anne Frank's Journal and continue on for 12 hours from there.
She went on to tell stories about how he gives back to charity! at soup kitchens! 
ugh... now I'm all riled up.  I think Beiber has surpassed Miley in my most-obnoxious-human alive book. 

and my apologies for such a late coffee talk! 

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