Coffee Talk

Friday, May 31, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves..... 

we're starting off with something that is very personal and made my heart go pitter-patter. 
 My all time favorite movie,
THE greatest, funniest movie ever made
got a full feature on Betches Love This and I somehow just stumbled across it. 
yes, that's bradley cooper. 

Wet Hot American Summer.
Far too many people say they have never even heard of this movie, so rent it immediately (it's on Netflix) because it is PURE GOLD. and literally everyone and their mom is in it. including my true love Paul Rudd.  

So, The Bachelorette
It's never as good as The Bachelor to me, but nevertheless it's always filled with dumb asses just waiting to get ripped apart by America. 
still too early to really know much. 
I don't know many names, but Ben, the father that brought his son + got the first rose: Don't bring your child (very cute child, but still) on to make an impression; however you are good looking and seem normal so I guess I like you.
Saying that you and your baby-mama are "ya know, basically best friends who had a baby together" is complete and utter bullshit.  And makes absolutely no sense. No 22 year old looks at their friend and says: I know! let's have a baby!  If you do, go see a therapist. 
Notable people booted: the guy that kept wanting to go the fantasy suite.  And Dr. Larry who was very upset that dipping Desiree did not work because he had practiced it 50 times.  And he kept taking his glasses on and off like a serious creep. 
James.  This is the one that I know from college.  I discussed with this with my friend last night, and she heard he makes it pretty far.  I thought from the first preview he was the one with the girlfriend, but now we know he's just the one that is crying like a little girl to Desiree saying he got punched in the face.  I guess he also is the one that says he is on the show because he wants to be the next Bachelor.

Apparently John Mayer and Katy Perry are back together

they need to just cut the crap.  No way this relationship will work. 

If you haven't seen this cute boy on Ellen
you must watch.
He is just the cutest thing ever. 

Newlyweds: The First Year
Blair's dance moves at the reception were amazing.
I couldn't contain myself
And the other couple get $40,000 in cash from guests at the wedding?? Whaaaaaaat??? 

yawn. boring this week.
Tamra gave a big speech at like, Costco or something.  I couldn't figure out where the hell they were.
  And while I really do think her upbringing and everything is sad and terrible, it was painfully awkward to watch.  I'm not buying it. I really think she is just trying to save face and make the media and the public like her and forget that she is an angry pants lunatic
this gif has nothing to do with what I am talking about, or the episode, 
but, hey what the hell. 

the fact that gretchen is trying to reproduce with slade.... 
someone needs to grab a gretchen christine handbag off her arm and beat some sense into her.  there really are no brain cells up there.  

oh, and Lauri came back last week and I never discussed it.
look how different vicki's face is! ahhhhhh!! 
So Lauri's crazy son is now married and has a baby on the way?? 
Seriously I want more details on this.  Stat.   

Remember the workout "lay off me I'm starving" post from last week? Well, our prayers have been answered by a poorly dressed woman in Florida!!  Get ready for..... Prancercise!!!!!

just watch the first 30 seconds.... because the lady literally prances for 5 full minutes
{without realizing she has camel toe the entire time???}

she has a book too.  
and camel toe here again too?
enough with the mom jeans. 
sweet mother of god. 

did anyone see Khloe on the Today show? 
I actually am interested to watch this season of The Kardashians (I know, I know..... I just slapped myself across the face for even thinking it.).  BUT it actually looks good!! And Khloe and Kathy Lee made comments that make it sound like Bruce moves out?!? 
wait... when did this happen? 
  Get as far away from Mom-ager Kris as possible.  

This is real.
and I'm going to vomit. 

we've all heard the latest with amanda. 
bong throwing.  suing the cops. 
but the best part is courtney love getting involved: 

when courtney love thinks you are messed up, your life is over. 
and amanda.... I'm thinking you are laughing alone because no one has seen you with anyone in a long, long time. seriously where are her parents to send her somewhere for help!?! 
you know your life has gone to crap when all three of these people can look down on you with pity
Oh, and she definitely has mental problems
because she was hanging out at Skyzone jumping around by herself.
you know, like the place Alexis and Jim have. Woof. 
although secretly I think this looks really fun
and would definitely do this. 

Miley and Liam:
figure out what the hell you want to do.
aka- Liam, listen to all of America and RUN

and don't wear ankle straps!!! 
they look like they're going to snap!!! 


and seriously... if you do one thing this weekend - watch Wet Hot American Summer! 

Wish List

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coffee Talk will posted tomorrow, promise!
I was up a little late watching the Blackhawks WIN last night
so haven't had time to finish it up! 

For today, my lusts for the week..... 

**and thank you to those who told me this model 
was the girl from The City
I had completely not realized it, and it made my day** 
she never smiles in any photos and I realize why 
because she looks like she is high or something when she does. 

and this gif just made me laugh, so why not throw it in

see you tomorrow for some reality TV + celebrity gossip!! 

wedding wednesday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 I saw this adorable dress at Gap right after 
we got engaged and had to have it.
It not only was inexpensive, but it was white, and I was SO excited to finally be able to buy white dresses! I felt like every dress I had loved over the last year was white, and since I was only going wearing them to engagement parties/showers/weddings it was never an option. 
and it has pockets! - a phrase that always seems to be the final selling point of just about anything.  

we went to check out the St. Regis while at home since Kip and I have never gone, so I wanted to dress a little nicer for the afternoon. 
 "do not take a picture of my face..... this is so awkward" 

{gap dress,on sale $49, sizes were going quick! // tory burch flats // monogrammed necklace, similar // monogrammed sunglasses, or here }
{and for those DYING to know, the hair tie is goody.  they are really difficult to find, but I think that CVS occasionally carries them when in stock.}

I'm clearly a pro at this... no earrings, I figured sunglasses covered the lack of makeup, and my always present hair-tie is strapped across my right wrist instead of my watch. 

other white floral dress options: 


Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I flew home to Atlanta for the weekend, 
and we had amazing weather and a great time. 
Most of it was spent on the back porch or sitting by the pool,
with a little bit of wedding planning while the boys golfed, 
but here are a few snapshots. 

lots of time on the porch in PJ's
 sweetwater brewery with live music 

 drinks at the st. regis 
 and for some reason this one below won't rotate,
but acting like idiots as always. 

How were your weekends?! 


coffee talk

Thursday, May 23, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves.... 

warning - lots of videos today.... 

 First up: It's totally not funny.
at all. laughing is so wrong. 
but it's hiarlious.
George Michael fell out of a moving Range Rover on the highway
 and The Sun article was titled
for all of you that aren't pissing your pants, please stop reading this blog.
or become an educated human and download all of Wham!s greatest hits immediately. 

but no, for the record it was a really, really bad accident.
but he is fine, so therefor its okay to laugh, right?
so lets all start slow clapping for the person with the balls
to titled the article SCRAPE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO SLOW. 

Have you seen Newlyweds: The First Year on Bravo?
Two people excite me: Lunatic Tina + Blair
screaming  like bloody murder "I hate you" at your husband of 10 minutes in front of everyone at the wedding is definitely a top 10 tip for happiness.
well played Tina.
But, more importantly. Blair.
This week there was an entire segment devoted to him receiving the text message that whitney houston died
i can't even handle it
so amazing.  the way his husband was looking at him is the way my man-friend looks at me during 99% of our conversations about important things,

Did any of you see the preview for The Bachelorette?
Because I will elaborate more next week....
but I kept staring at the TV being like "that's James.... that's definitely James...rewinding...(picking up phone to text my friend Sean about if his friend James is on the show)"
(I know the guy on the other side too... all Miami of Ohio FB players)
(I swear the guys at Miami of Ohio DO NOT pose like this. ever.)  
and then BAM
everyone hates James, he is the villian of the season, and has a girlfriend from home that shows up at the house.
I guess I have to watch now.  The clip was played on TV, and of course is nowhere to be found now, but they will show it all on Monday's episode during the season preview so get excited!!

alexis taking acting classes.

"yeah!!! I was on general hospital!!!"
watch below and prepare yourself:

how many takes do you think it took to say those "big" words??? 
please dear lord.  I would rather look at Jim than watch Alexis act which is really saying something.
oh, and slade got gretchen a rolls royce!! 
because when you can't pay child support, afford a mortgage, or buy an engagement ring,
you can OBVIOUSLY afford a rolls royce! WTF? douche. dumb ass. 

Everyone is freaking out about the finale of Kitchen Nightmares (gordon ramsey) because of some Crazy Amy Baking Company or something.
I'll be catching up on it this weekend because I am clueless, but I felt like I had to mention it incase anyone else cares. 
Gordon Ramsey is the craziest man ever, so I can't wait to see what happened with cops being called in + it getting this much press.

kristen stewart hung out with t. swift after her and rob broke up.
those two have about as much in common as a whore in church.

I don't watch DWTS, but my mom is obsessed and constantly calls.
me: no mom, you know I have 978 other shows I watch
 I can't believe you missed it!!! I'll keep it on the DVR until you get home!!! 
(she will keep things on the DVR for years.... years people)
Me:  Mom.  I can google it.  It's on YouTube. I'll watch it right now.
Nance Pants: Oh!!!!!! Really?! Already!?! It's amazing!!!!!
 But I'll keep it on the DVR for you. 
But, it is amazing.  Definitely worth watching.  She is so damn cute. 

How did I not hear about this Gwyneth GOOP trip??? On Groupon?? 
So ridiculous.... but as the article says.... actually is a serious steal and you would be saving money on flights and hotels even if you didn't give a crap about Gwynnie.  I have just had such a love-hate relationship with her lately..... 

never, ever, ever, ever, do I say that Friends is bad or not funny.
but the Ellen video Jen + all of then did just really upset me. don't do it if it's not funny.
in fact, it was painful to watch. 
and courtney cox on friends was the most beautiful human being ever, and her face can't even more anymore.  lay off the botox a little bit!! 

tara reid was at the fast and furios 97 premiere
that's all.  just hadn't seen her, wasn't sure if she was alive or going all amanda bynes or anything, so thought I'd share she looks decently sober. 

there's reportedly a new NYC housewife
and she is BFF's with Brandi.  Look out! 

crazy Tamra is getting a spinoff for her wedding
can't wait to see this nut-job plan a wedding. 
she actually scares me through the television screen. 

the end of last week's SNL,
when everyone gives hugs and loves for the season finale and cast members leaving
no one touched kanye
and he akwardly looked side to side

Sorry for the inevitable 9 million typos. 
I don't have time to go through and check today. ah!