Coffee Talk

Thursday, February 28, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves.....
mini, mini version. 
the DVR and I have some quality time scheduled for this weekend.

I just can't get enough of her. 
God I love her. 

Lisa: Dancing with the Stars? 
big mistake. huge. 

this is justin beiber's ass.
and girls want to hit that? 

January Jones and Liam left an Oscars party together.
Do you think there is a chance that he and Miley broke up?
please Dear Lord fingers crossed yes please

This just plain grosses me out. 
The two of them make me sick. 

Who knew Brit looked so good with dark brown hair? 

finally. the time has come.
there truly are no men left for Taylor
because rumor has it this is happening. 
{ugh and she looks pretty in this 
picture and I love her dress.... damn it}.

miss teen deleware resigned 
because she apparently has a SEX TAPE.
I mean, honestly.   
at least save the scandals for the real pageants when your older!
and it's crap like this that makes me terrified to ever have children.  what is wrong with people!? (I sound like my mother.... but it's true.)

Who hired Brandi as a fashion correspondent for the Oscars? 
I think her dress alone proved they are legally insane for that decision. 

But the worst fashion decision of the week: 
this is my new screensaver for the week.

my apologies for no real Coffee Talk today.
the week has been nuts. 
bachelor, real housewives, and much more gossip to come.

maybe we'll pretend I decided to be positive and supportive this week and so I didn't have as much bitching and shit talking to do? 

yeah. right. 


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

lusts for the week...... 
perfect for winter, spring, and fall. 

I know I have posted like 3 versions of this dress, but I am in love with the Opening Ceremony one and love when I find it in an under $100 version.  
The cutouts are perfect!  

everything about this is perfect.  

the snowy weather is making these sound like heaven.  they'd be perfect inside my boots, or having a clueless moment with a skirt or dress. 

splendid makes the most comfortable clothes, and this is the tank top that would be on constant rotation in my closet. 

perfect crossbody bag

about as far into the "cool" zone as I could go, but with skinny jeans and heels you could change the look entirely.


Floral Fashion

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's no secret I dislike cold weather very, very much
and am always counting the minutes until sandals and shorts
these floral prints get me excited for Spring to arrive

madewell dress      


Weekend Recap + Monogram Monday

Monday, February 25, 2013

I hope you all had a great weekend! 
I had a lot of time with girlfriends, a wedding, and of course the Oscars! 

 stolen pics from instagram

Sunday we woke up early (accidentally.  ugh.) with pounding headaches, and crashed on the Couch to watch Argo.  So glad I finally got to see it - I couldn't believe how incredible it was. 
And is it just me or did Ben Affleck look really young (in a good way) in the movie? Oh, and hot.... I dig the long hair and scruffy 70's look.  

And of course watched the Oscars with Taco Night a little early this week to celebrate
scary story:
my man friend during the oscars in memoriam tribute:
 "Who is that?"
"huh.  I didn't even know she could sing."
good lord. 
For today's Monogrammed Monday: 

C. Wonder's Flash Sale was too good to pass up.  I got a pair of Cashmere Monogrammed Gloves for $19.  I'm in love. 
they even have the little iPhone fingers too. 
I also finally bought a computer case - navy, adorable, and under $20 as well.  
talk about an amazing sale! 

happy monday! 

Friday Randoms

Friday, February 22, 2013

random thoughts for the week..... 

I'm recovering from an impromptu Chinese feast last night when a friend was stuck in town for work.
Everything was amazing until we opened up our fortunes.
what the hell? 
It may be the copious amounts of wine talking, 
but I think they got me hooked on American Idol.
Atleast, hooked on Lazaro and Kaz Bah (Spelling?)
watch this.  and cry.
I love you Lazaro.  

these pumps from J. Crew are calling my name.

I found an amazing, new to me, Southern Cooking Blog: Twirl and Taste

I need to make one of EVERYTHING. 

I found this sweater/coat via Chic Geek.
I must have you! 
Fraction of the price of the similar J.Crew coats. 

Pumps + Iron, a workout + healthy eating blog, posted about Peppermint Oil this week.

Sounds like something worth trying - and I like peppermint tea anyways so why not? Plus, I'm thinking I could maybe eat as much crap as I want, quit working out, and chug a bottle of it and maybe everything would even itself out? pleaaaaase. 
No, but really, have any of you tried this for any therapeutic reasons?

The $20 Penny Chic dresses that were on the blogs this week are calling my name.
Especially the one on CouldIHaveThat - maybe the dress will make me look that tall and skinny with killer legs and look exactly like Emma Stone?!

I have a night out with my loves tonight
#fbf 2011

and a friends wedding tomorrow 
and the Oscars Sunday!

happy weekend :)