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Thursday, October 31, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves..... 

I've been meaning to comment on this for weeks....
Nene's Wedding show just finished with the big giant 2 million dollar celebration.  
best part of the entireshow: that nene does not know how to say the word bridesmaids. 

Bride Maid.  Bride Maid. 9 million times. 
I will now be referring to my bridesmaids as Bride Maid and whenever they ask me a question will respond with "there's a reason the word MAID is at the end of bride maid.  you are my maid." 

kelsey grammar's greek god boyfriend is apparently not as great as she made him seem. (via)
while recovering from surgery, he went all chris brown and physically abused her and she has filed a restraining order against him.  yikes. 

I guess things can get worse than being cheated on on national TV by d-bag Kelsy Grammar. 
Let this be a lesson to all women: do not ever date a man with hair that looks like that. 
 {I jest.  No this is not funny.... but his hair is.  Silver lining). 

RHONY gossip: 
apparently mario has been cheating on ramona (via)

this is shocking not surprising at all to anyone who has ever watched the show. 
how AMAZING must her crazy eyes be when she finds out he is cheating when her eyes are naturally that insane?!?!

oh my god I bet they are so good!!!! oh to be a fly on the wall for that situation. 
no wonder the world is running out of wine, I am ramona is drinking it all! 

remember that angry Apprentice chick that no one cares about? 
omarosa was on bethenny's show and sh*t went downnnn. (via)
I hadn't seen omarosa or thought about her in years until she randomly had 2 minutes of air time at nene's wedding.... as you can see, she is still doing nothing, she is still a crazy giant bitch, and still no one gives a crap about her.

khloe and lamar made a rare public appearance together at kanye's concert (via)
oh, and bruce and kris were there together too.

no appearances at all from khloe and lamar - except at a kanye concert.
file for divorce, and then show up at kanye's concert. 
as if I didn't believe that every single move someone in that family makes is strategically planned, now I really do. 
 insert giant eye roll. 
{p.s. wasn't seeing that magazine cover like walking downstairs in your jammies on christmas morning? it just made my day. too freaking good.}  

tori spelling is getting a little LeAnn Rimes on us. 
{for those of you new to the blog, LeAnn Rimes is a giant NO around these parts.} 
I like Tori, I do, she seems so nice, but I mean..... just  STOP TALKING already.  she had a "sit down one on one interview E! Special" with Giuliana (ugh, so LeAnn of her) talking about EVERYTHING - including her dad's spirit being in the room for the interview. (watch here

It seems like she is doing ANYTHING to be talked about right now (ugh, so LeAnn) like admitting to lying about how she lost the baby weight (talking about weight at all, insert eye roll, ugh geez LeAnn!!!!) 
TORI.  Good Lord. I'm sure 99% of celebrities didn't lose it "eating healthy and working out".... they all lie.  this is not news. we do not care.  

this week's jackhole of the week: chris brown 
he's checked into rehab after his latest assault disaster (via)
runner up jackhole of the week:  rihanna.  
because something tell me she'll STILL be back with him at some point in the future. 
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  1. I will ever think of Nick and Jessica when anyone mentions Star Magazine. I'm probably crazy for remembering this, but on one of the episodes Nick was being interviewed by on of their "reporters" and he kept trying to get deets on their wedding night...and Nick was most offended because the guy made him pay for lunch. Why oh why does my brain remember this.

    1. remember the episode perfectly as well :)

  2. Oh, that cover....amazing! I wonder if Giuliana HAS to do those interviews? She seemed pretty chummy w Leann. Woof.

  3. OMG I had not seen that cover of Star magazine! haha SO ridiculous!

  4. It is so sad how happy it makes me that Ramona was cheated on! I practice her crazy eyes just to annoy my husband!

  5. So many things.. I cannot wait to watch the Omarosa /Betheny feud. All I could notice on Nene's show was her use of "Bridemaid" oh and how terrible Marlo was. I loved when she wore the printed dress instead of blue like everyone else. True story...I know girls like that and they are terrible. Next...whaaaaat about Bruce???? Did you hear that Jill Zarin is claiming that Mario hit on her and then Alex responded. Pure gold!! I watched that Rihanna show on Bravo. Yup...It's like Project Runway with really untalented people.