Valentine: Pink + Bows

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Valentine's Week! 
I love a great excuse to have pink everywhere. 
And I love fresh flowers, but rarely have them,
& this is the perfect week to have an arrangement (or two)
to brighten up the apartment. 
I used it as an excuse for a fun manicure this weekend.
my man friend promptly announced that they "messed up my nails" when he saw it 

Whether you celebrate the holiday at all, with girlfriends or man friends,
a heavy dose of pink + bows is always a good thing.

valentines day

modcloth apricot dress with bow {$85}  tech touch gloves {sale $15}  
  c.wonder peplum top{$58} napa leather skinny belt {$68}
  kate spade vase {$140} pearl necklace with bow detail {$128}    

the peplum top + dress are on my serious wishlist.


  1. what cute nails!!! how festive!

  2. Aww... I love your nails! Boys don't know anything.

  3. What are the colors? It looks so good!

    1. The lighter pink is Knockout Pout and then the reddish one is something with an S? Stash something or Something Stash? By Essie!

  4. I completely adore that striped peplum top. Good eye!