Friday Randoms

Friday, February 22, 2013

random thoughts for the week..... 

I'm recovering from an impromptu Chinese feast last night when a friend was stuck in town for work.
Everything was amazing until we opened up our fortunes.
what the hell? 
It may be the copious amounts of wine talking, 
but I think they got me hooked on American Idol.
Atleast, hooked on Lazaro and Kaz Bah (Spelling?)
watch this.  and cry.
I love you Lazaro.  

these pumps from J. Crew are calling my name.

I found an amazing, new to me, Southern Cooking Blog: Twirl and Taste

I need to make one of EVERYTHING. 

I found this sweater/coat via Chic Geek.
I must have you! 
Fraction of the price of the similar J.Crew coats. 

Pumps + Iron, a workout + healthy eating blog, posted about Peppermint Oil this week.

Sounds like something worth trying - and I like peppermint tea anyways so why not? Plus, I'm thinking I could maybe eat as much crap as I want, quit working out, and chug a bottle of it and maybe everything would even itself out? pleaaaaase. 
No, but really, have any of you tried this for any therapeutic reasons?

The $20 Penny Chic dresses that were on the blogs this week are calling my name.
Especially the one on CouldIHaveThat - maybe the dress will make me look that tall and skinny with killer legs and look exactly like Emma Stone?!

I have a night out with my loves tonight
#fbf 2011

and a friends wedding tomorrow 
and the Oscars Sunday!

happy weekend :) 


  1. Love that ASOS coat! I imagine myself looking super trendy in that and going to lots of trendy places....but then I realize I hardly go anywhere!! I would look like such a trendsetting mama tho.....

  2. woowoo i love when i make it on the blog. ps wtf is up with the fortune...i mean really.

  3. woowoo i love when i make it on the blog. ps wtf is up with the fortune...i mean really.

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