Coffee Talk

Thursday, February 7, 2013

discuss amongst ya-selves..... 

mini version this week. 
not much to discuss, celebrities has been boring this week, and I still have shows to catch up on this weekend. 

The Bachelor
you think you're cold now? Just wait! 
The producers have more fun action packed outdoor activities no one wants to do! 
We learned that Selma speaks in the third person. 
"when selma gets angry selma gets angry"
and also that he has horrible taste in outdoor attire. 
sweet head wrap. 
she finally decided to kiss sean, and wins the most awkward kiss award too.
but atleast seans tongue wasnt involved because he looks like quite the disgusting kisser during some of those makeout scenes.  (like him and wedding dress girl - eating eachothers faces).
and tierra is once again a crazy psycho bitch that no one likes. 


Kyle really does need to learn to shut up.
Sorry. I said it.
Yolanda is finally making some sense - quit bringing it up.
We are all sick of hearing about "The thing we cant talk about."
she also looked pretty + not so harsh, no?
get it? she always ends things with ,no?.....
k.... nevermind.... 
Kims plastic surgeon creeped us all out again
and he was so uncomfortable and awkward with her pre and post op. 
His name is Dr. Vladimyr Grigoryants.  name totally fits. 

UM this is amazing
love it. 

miley made a HUGE announcement.
she will NEVER have long hair again.
maybe next it'll be that she'll never wear a bra again?

I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that Kim is still married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth.

His lawyers are saying "sorry, an unplanned pregnancy won't move anything along faster".  You know she and Kanye must be going batshit crazy over this.
Humphries is totally saying "Take that! ..... he works the fast food drive thru window.
yeah! that'll show her!  

This is painful to watch.
Kelly looks pissed.
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
And Mr. Belding looks huge. 

Lil Kim looks unrecognizable.
Did she go to Kenny Rogers doctor or something? 

if BOTH brandy and Leann don't shut their pie holes
well.... figuratively.  clearly. 
LeAnn, no one cares
and Brandi, you are CLEARLY just trying to plug your book.
shut. the. hell. up. both of you! 

so many shows to catch up on: vanderpump rules (so horrible yet I cant stop), smash, WWHL, nashville.... 
*pretend the idiot that made this gif wrote it correctly
I have nothing better to do.



  1. Tierra is so cray I just want her gone! Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf dating is so amazing!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Kim is still married to Kris also- I just think that would be awesome and it will the only thing people want to talk to her about. Brandi needs to shut up, Eddie's affair with Leann was 4 years ago!!! Can't we just get over it now, he moved on to her a long time ago. Not tha Leann is much better but ugh

  2. OH MY GOD leighton meester + adam brody?! that's literally the best thing that's ever happened in hollywood. my 18-year-old self is DYING.

  3. Let's be honest. If I was on the Bachelor and made it past the first night ( I would be the drunk girl), I would tell him to go F himself at this point. This is not Road Rules. Also, we have seen it 900 x's... when EVERYONE hates you it is usually YOU, Tierra.

  4. The Bachelor is so lame this season. I am so sick of Tierra. and Yes Yolanda was so right, too much drama this season. I love Kyle but she really needs to drop it and shut up. Miley is a hot mess I will never understand why Liam dates her. and confession I kind of want to read Brandi's book:)

  5. The Gossip Girls/OC worlds colliding thing just blows my mind. Now if someone would just make a spinoff involving all the characters. TV perfection.