Friday Randoms

Friday, January 25, 2013

random thoughts for Friday..... 

this is not a very exciting Friday for me.  
Starting at 7 am this morning I will be attending 
a National Board Review 
all. day.
 today, tomorrow, and Sunday. 
everyone please drink an extra drink or 7 for me. 
because this is what I wish I could do to get through today.

I am in love with Lauren Conrad's new looks for Paper Crown, and also her Spring Kohl's line. 

and the Kohl's line,

{side note: found these exact shorts 
in peplum blouse form at anthropologie}
identical right? 

she is too damn cute.

I gave my friend The Newlywed Cookbook as a gift last weekend, and I maaaay have spent 2 hours going through it before I wrapped it up to give it to her.
sorry, din. I made sure not to bend any pages :) 

It has more recipes in it than any cookbook I have ever bought, and they all look amazing.  They range from easy to difficult, and have a ton great meals that aren't meant to serve 8 so it's normal portions.  So if you have any friends getting married, I would say The Newlywed Cookbook is a great gift to give! They sell it at Anthropologie + Crate and Barrel.  

Everyone talks about Barre classes so much lately, 
and while I will not be paying for any classes anytime soon on top of the gym membership, I'll definitely try out these Barre moves I found from Pinterest. 

and speaking of working out,
I'm loving all of the Valentine's Day decoration + gift ideas that are already popping up everywhere
cookie cutters make gift giving easy + adorable {via}
but if you want to give AN AMAZING cookie gift
send a box of Cheryl's Cookies.
I'm not a frosted cookie fan,
and I could eat an entire box of these.
 and they have really cute arrangements for holidays

They are laced with my favorite thing, crack.

k.... back to hell. 
this is how I feel right now

p.s. seriously serena? 
you're a lunatic. 



  1. Excuse me- you used my cookbook??
    Good luck at your board reviews!! XX

  2. Ahh, love LC and all her clothes. She is amazing. And love the pic from "Girls".. such a great show. Good luck at your meetings this weekend.

  3. Oh my gosh..that Kohl's line is to die for!!!

  4. I tried so hard for so long not to like Lauren Conrad, but she is just so cute, I can't help but like her. Ugh Girls is so good..did you see last night's?!?! Trainwreck city..but so funny! Get on my level!!! xoxo Oh PS...Homeland forever!!! xo