Lazy Sunday Lusts......

Sunday, September 30, 2012

lusts from the Tibi Pop-Up Sale: 

cap sleeve dress
$375 sale for $225

refined crepe long dress
$695 sale for $417

silk draped skirt
$298 on sale for $178


Transition to Fall...

Friday, September 28, 2012

My attempt at refusing to take off my flip flops, but accepting that it is time to prepare for fall weather:

and if it's chilly at night, just add a pretty scarf:
I was able to find the skirt in black online. 
It's so comfy and kind of thick so it keeps you warm.

                jacket  maxi skirt  necklace

happy weekend :) 


Guest Post: Things That Sparkle

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am guest posting today over at my bestie 
Alex's blog Things That Sparkle.

You know, the one with the gorgeous wedding I posted pics of Monday that I'm still drooling over from this past weekend. 

yeah.... that one! 

I'm sharing two honeymoon outfits for her, while she tans with her new hubs on the beach. 

I promise to have Coffee Talk discussions this weekend or early next week.
So much good gossip + celeb trash talking to discuss with you all!

So head over to Things That Sparkle for some pretty beach wear, and pretend it is still warm and sunny and not fall :) 


wishlist wednesday

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

lusts for the week......    

and totally unrelated to everything above
the cutest $20 lampshade I ever did see


Weekend Recap: Wedding Edition

Monday, September 24, 2012

the wedding + other parts of the weekend were amazing 
and amazing is a huge understatement
so gorgeous, so much love for the bride + groom, so much dancing, so much smiling 
my iPhone pics aren't the greatest, but here are a few snapshots from the weekend

bridal luncheon
beautiful rehearsal dinner 

 getting ready with the girls

 squealing and gasping

 the best hors d'oeuvres with the cutest presentations  

 the most stunning space I have ever seen 

all of us are still spinning from how incredible it was! 
hope you all had a great weekend :)


wedding weekend

Friday, September 21, 2012

one of my besties wedding celebrations kick off today.... 
so I'm off to celebrate the lady I love with the ladies I love

happy weekend kiddies. 
it's going to be an amazing one! 


coffee talk

Thursday, September 20, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves......

lets just start with some pretty:
yes. puh-lease.
to the ring AND the man. 

NYC Housewives continues to just get better and better. 
I'm super excited to see what LuAnn says at the reunion about Tomas.
{nicole richie's comments on WWHL about her were amazing. "she's been on a reality show for 5 years, she has a microphone on, does she think no one can speak french and know what she's saying?}

If Aviva doesn't shut up about her ass getting on a plane I'm going to {perfect place to insert inappropriate leg joke! ah! but I'll resist} lose it.
The new drinking game needs to be when Aviva talks about the damn trip. 
Carole phrases it better than psychotic-selfish-egomaniac like I would call it.... she's a "little self righteous".
oh, and drunk carole at a gay bar is amazing.

speaking of amazing: dina lohan on dr phil
I still think flipping the bird was definitely the highlight.
She was worse than Lilo has been in any interview EVER I'm pretty sure.

how sweet - like mother like daughter. 

i know everyone in chicago must have seen this by now,
but I just can't stop laughing. 

ummm confession. I actually like Married to Jonas.
let the judging begin.
looooove how the families clearly hate each other
love how mom jonas is a bitch.  a huge one.
love how kevin cries at the drop of a hat like a giant disney baby. 
and love how Danielle just reminds me of kourtney kardashion with no emotions and no inflection in her voice. ever.

I finally saw the J Simps WW Commercial and I feel like that must be the most mortifying moment for her ever?? 

I completely get it - you gained a ton of weight and it takes time to lose it. Of course! But then don't film a weight loss commercial and only show your neck! 
Huh???? I was cringing for her just watching it. 

This is going to be a gigantic train wreck.

and I cannot WAIT for Giuliana + Bill {and 90 million other shows} to premiere.

Sorry for being so video happy today?