Friday Randoms.....

Friday, August 31, 2012

How the hell is it Labor Day Weekend?
It feels like July? 

LeAnn Rimes checked herself into a rehab facility for anxiety or stress or exhaustion or something. 
yeah... those things happen when you don't eat.
it's shocking I know. 

Is there something really wrong with me that I kinda enjoy Gallery Girls?
if Bravo plays it, I watch it.
I am Andy Cohen's bitch. 

gimme this quatrefoil tray

Lilo's doing a really good job portraying Liz Taylor for her new role.
man, drugs and booze do wonders for looking young. 

it's the weekend.
let's dance.

clearly I have nothing to say today... I just felt like laughing at gif's all day on my favorite tumblr. 
{and for all of you that get all mad when people post "crap posts", 
deal with it.  gif's are pure gold.} 


Coffee Talk

Thursday, August 30, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves........ 

YAY for baby Edward Duke Rancic
and a serious high five for being celebrities who don't want to ruin your child's life so you choose a normal name. so excited for them!
look at me.... being nice already.... what is happening today? 

um. what
Holly is pregnant?? Holly was dating someone? 
And perhaps this is just an awful picture, 
but he looks like a creepy clay statue.

skinny Matthew McConaughey is REALLY creeping me out. 
it doesn't even look like him?
he even has that skinny clavicle neck thing (jealous).

Now, a whole lot of Housewives chat,
because the episode was just too damn good
Ramona - yes the house in St. Barts is HUGE.
There is an H on it... it's not UGE. UGE.
and you are way too old to be wearing a bikini like this,
especially with carole and the others in a bikini next to you.

God I love Carole. She has the best one liners.
Sonja + Romano are definitely the crazy drunk Aunt's you're embarrassed to introduce to your boyfriend.

Can Sonja keep it in her pants for 5 seconds?

It's like every man, young/old, hideous/hot (although mostly hideous), within 50 feet she sniffs out and wants to hump their leg.  
I definitely believe the rumor that you are on pills.
In fact, I'm hoping you are on pills and drinking like Kim on RHOBH..... 
otherwise you need to be locked up.
And why is she getting her hair done by someone every single day of the vacation???

And finally, LuAnn. 
He doesn't look like Johnny Depp, he looks like CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW.  And who the hell wants to sleep with either of them quite frankly

"I'm not just any pirate woman.  I'm an indian.  Don't f*** with me." What?!?
And a little tip for the Countess: if you are going to make up some horrible fake story to try to cover your cheating with A MAN DRESSED AS A PIRATE don't talk on the phone about your lies while you are wearing a damn microphone.  No one would have believed you before, and certainly no one believes you now.  
Cheating while filming a reality show with cameras and microphones and thinking you'll get away with it? The Countess is a dumbass.  

can't wait for Aviva to arrive and let all hell break loose.

how many self portraits can one person take of themselves
you and Kanye must just lay in bed at night with personal mirrors staring at your own reflections.
taking you out of the equation, I do love the dress.

and finally, I officially cannot stand Taylor Swift
not only is your new song so terrible I can't put it into words,
but now you are blabbing about buying a house next to your Kennedy boyfriends family.
have you not learned to SLOW THE HELL DOWN from all of your previous train wreck relationships? You are 22... and something tells me this relationship won't be your last.
but... I did just realize that she is 22 and he is 18.
yes.... she is 22 and he is 18.  4 years - sure - but at that age 
and it is really damn creepy.  
like 6 months ago would be illegal creepy. 
and please for the love of God just hire a damn stylist.


wishlist wednesday: black + white

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a classic combo I'll never get sick of.....   


and one all black 
just because I can't take my eyes off of it
although it looks navy?


I wish I were a badass.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

.... because I do not feel nearly cool enough to pull off 
the leather pieces I've fallen in love with.

this one I could definitely do though

but not these, 
these are not badass.
they are just hideous
$800 for leather chap jeans??
yeah...... okay....... 

Monogram Monday

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hope you all had a great weekend :)
I was lucky enough to be with one of my loves since she moved to Denver, and we did what we did best.  
Wine, dine, and act like hussies. 

 my cinco loves

 lasagna as big as my head

margaritas and tacos at taco joint 

and for monogram monday,
a combo of two of my favorite things ever:

yes please 


Lazy Saturday Lusts....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

gimme gimme 


Coffee Talk

Thursday, August 23, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves......

So, Lilo was at a 46 year old's house for a sleepover (totally normal)
and when the ladies woke up in the morning, expensive jewelry was missing.
even if this 46 year old is your best friend in the world Lindsay (which she should be, because lord knows you look 46) even she COMPLETELY woke up and looked straight at you.
you can't even get old ladies on your side!

the prince harry naked billiards escapades cracked me up
I mean who cares at this point? Harry is clearly the fun Royal.
And he was in Vegas - what was he supposed to do!? 
Ginge was gonna play!!! 

have I been living under a rock? 
I feel like it was just the avril-and-brody are they or aren't they again? 
and nickelback guy, a 14-carat ring is awfully large for a marriage that will last 14 seconds most likely. 
but good for you that someone actually buys your horrid music so that you can afford it. 

Taylor.... it's 2012.
I wasn't sure if you were aware because your clothing is hideous.

something a lot of things look really wrong with this picture
I love posing in front of giant meat fridges with my boyfriend
and it must be really hard to look like a midge next to Snooki
he must be the shortest non-legal-midget alive. 

LeAnn... quit tweeting bikini self-portraits of yourself.
You are still skinny.  You are still a home wrecker.

someone that shouldn't be in a bikini?
Art Smith. I don't care how much weight you've lost.
 TopChef Masters in a coat, yes.... but this, no thank you. 

Kelly!?! How do you pick Michael Strahan?!
Over Seth Meyers and so many other better people??!!

as Seth perfectly says, REALLY!? REALLY?!

Sorry for the mini-coffee talk.  My DVR and I have had no chance to cuddle on the couch,
but I'm assuming Chris is still acting like a d-bag on Bachelor Pad,
and Ramon-er and Sonja are still pyschotic pains in the ass.
I'll be catching up tonight {praise the Lord}  


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lusts for the week....... 
rory beca tweet jacket

petal skirt (on crazy sale)

shoshanna lace dress

alice + olvia coat

ruched booties

striped maxi

long sleeved white dress

black and nude pumps