Friends + Friday Randoms

Friday, June 29, 2012

With the heat and humidity at an all time high,
I wish I were wearing this today.

I am obsessed.
Why can I not find ANY dresses for upcoming weddings, but plenty for anything else? 

you know how Pinterest is a black hole that you just get sucked into?? 
Apparently YouTube is too. 
Somehow the other night I saw a Friends Bloopers video after I saw some other YouTube Video, and was then sucked into video after video for longer than I would like to admit.  

Bloopers for any show or any movie always kill me for some reason.

They also have ALL of them in a 7 part series apparently.... but it was WAY past my bedtime and I forced myself to close the computer. 
God I miss this show. 

The Today show has been all kinds of awkward this week.

I have never been an Ann Curry fan though, so I say adios.
PLEASE let Savannah Guthrie replace her! 

This macaroni salad looks incredible

oh... and Today is the Day! 
I don't want to be the perv sitting alone in the movie theatre,
(although Lord knows I will if I have to)
so who wants to go see this with me?! 
Ted looks hilarious & is also out... 
something tells me I could get my boyfriend to go to one of these with me and not the other.  
I wonder which one? 

Happy Weekend! 


Coffee Talk

Thursday, June 28, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves......

The Bachelorette: 
Sean + Arie - still the favorites. Definitely final 2 I think. 
 there was more making out against walls.... which I ALWAYS approve of

Doug: Do you even have a penis? I'm beginning to think you don't?
their legs touch and he jumps and says sorry. 
 yeah... you're totally ready to meet the parents and kids, Doug. 
eh..... so awkward.  why did it take you this long to realize it Emily?
and then THE most awkward peck as they talk about how awkward it is.
He is the perfect example of "he's too nice" not just being an excuse.
Well, that ... and he's boring as hell.

Chris (aka - zombie eyes) was acting ca-razy. 
Creepy eyes and shaking all over crazy. 
Especially his ridiculously dramatic "Emily I NEED to talk to you!!" before she handed out the final rose. 

Don't get all giddy that you got the rose.... you are definitely not who she picks in the end and are most likely going home next week. 

Oh Ke$ha......
you are one classy lady. 

Really, Oprah?? Even you?? Really??
No words, just the words of Seth Meyers on Weekend Update: 
NYC Housewives: 
aviva is cousins with fran dreschner?
 how did I not put this together until now? 

carol makes great cracks about everyone in her confessional moments during the show.
 referring to luann: it's like she has royal tourrette's syndrome.
alright.... I like you. 
your mouth still bugs the crap out of me, but I like you. 
I wonder whose mouth is bigger? hers or taylors? 

If Ramona mentions London 1 more time, I'm going to lose it. 
"Sonja, you're being too nice, and now I'm getting mad at you."
You get pissed at your only friend for being nice - I'm pretty sure that explains why no one wants to go to London with you.  
Or be around you, ever. 
Heather has diarrhea of the mouth?? I think it's you sweetie. 

I think Megan Fox wins the award for sexiest pregnant woman 
still weirds me out that she's pregnant a little bit though.....

OC Housewives: 
This reunion is going to be AMAZING. 
Drunk Sarah had me cracking up again.
"Is this what the world is coming to?" was a great WWHL drinking game for the week. 
Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. 
You just get worse and worse every week!!! 
Look at that finger fly! 
Even Blake Lively is talking about how much she sucks apparently.

She honestly looked (and sounded) terrifying when she was screaming. I was legitimately scared.  She is SUCH an idiot, and her and Brooks deserve each other. 
 It's too bad you "are done", because Tamra must have been a pretty good friend to still console you when you looked as terrifying as this in Costa Rica.
Anyways, the BEST part of the night:
At the end, when they say what each housewife is up to.
Alexis: She and Jim are opening a trampoline park.
I mean..... What?? 
I couldn't have come up with something more hilarious if I tried.  
You KNOW I ran to the computer to google.
are you hysterically laughing as much as I am??? 

Who knew that underneath the grungy clothes, 
Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend had a rocking bod? 
take that nasty-chin-pube brad.  

Miss Advised:
These girls are killing me.
I want to cry for them and slap them through the television all at once.
Matchmaker Lady: 
If men were turned on by high maintenance and calorie-control, you would have aced the date.  You go on a date and send your hot chocolate back because you need it WITHOUT whipped cream, talk about how horrible it is to think about the amount of calories in the hot chocolate, and act baffled when your date wants to order some chicken pot pie.
After said date, you don't hear anything from the guy, so naturally you call him and leave a creepy message saying you're thinking about him.
Please, go get a copy of He's Just Not That Into You.
Read it cover to cover. Immediately.  
You seem like a sweet, smart, and pretty girl. Get some confidence!! And don't talk about counting calories on a date.  Ever. 

Dating Columnist (and spoiled brat?):
I don't think I've ever seen someone so obnoxious in my life. 
Acting like a 13 year old ADHD child is not how you get a guy to have any interest in you at all.
"Run around in circles!!"
I didn't think it could get any worse???
But wait....
- Showing your date your ALL pink bedroom
-Saying you have sex with your dog in the bed????
-Playing spin the bottle
-Begging and begging and begging someone to give you a kiss
It was almost too bad to watch.  Almost. 

Sex Expert Lady: 
You are the most sane of the three, albeit the most slutty, but at least you aren't throwing yourself at men and you have some self respect, so I like you the most. 

You know I'm not ending the day without some eye candy & objectifying of Channing Tatum.   The Magic Mike press tour this week has been a girls dream.
His flash mob at the Today Show was amazing: 
Jenna Dewan and him must just have dance offs in the kitchen every night.  
And finally, Channing's strip show at 18 at a male review that Us Weekly posted.  Worth the watch. 
He has some pretty incredible dance moves in it. 
Yep. That's totally the only reason why it's good..... 


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

lusts for the week......... 
rachel pally maxi dress

contrast striped top

pastel belt - on sale for $5!

amanda uprichard tee
(sassy model face not included)

colorblock maxi

ruffled + open back silk top

cutout black top w embellished shoulders

stripe high neck dress - only $59


My BFF Andy Cohen.....

Monday, June 25, 2012

you all are obviously aware of my love for Mr. Andy Cohen.
I have a friend that shares that obsession love, and has been so lucky to have met him twice now.

I got a text yesterday asking what I was doing.  I kindly responded that she must have texted the wrong person, because I am in Chicago and she is in NYC so why would she care what I was doing? 
 And then
   this is what I see: 
I meannnn...........
As she phrased it: Happy EVERYTHING.  
Words cannot even describe.
She then sent this picture
and kindly pretended that they talked about me. 
Do you know that does to me? 
What is wrong with me? 

and the best one of all,
he even lets the crazies like us TOUCH him.  

Oh Andy.... I can't wait until you come to Chicago so I can be a crazy super-fan and touch your hand too.

And, Natalie:  MY Mazel of the YEAR goes to you. 

Do I sound psychotic in this post?  
Sorry I'm not sorry. 


Guest Post: 101 Things I love

Hi Everyone :) 

I am guest posting over on Johanna's blog 101 Things I love.

Head on over and check it out!


Friday Randoms

Friday, June 22, 2012

random thoughts for the day....... 

I havent cooked or baked in forever and I am itching to get into the kitchen.  A couple of things I've seen recently that I want to make. 

warm mexican corn salad

gooey cinnamon roll muffins

 I really want to make Trisha Yearwood's Key Lime Cake, which has no picture, but I watched her cooking show on Food Network and it looks amazing.

and of course the homemade crunch wrap supreme floating around pintertest

how cute... Mary Kate + her boyfriend and his daughter. 
 MK and her look the same size and almost the same age! 
Oh wait.... that's creepy... not cute. 

I really want this striped cover-up.

Phoebe's brother from Friends is marrying a model.

I'm sure no one cares, but this surprises me because I can only see him as the dumb 18 year old brother with the 40 year old teacher, so landing a model is quite the accomplishment.  But apparently he is in Ted, which is the movie I have been waiting months to see {other than Magic Mike.} 

{Obviously.  Nothing takes precedence over Magic Mike.}

Matthew McConaughey said he cried from the waxing for the film.
Yeah, and you only have to do it ONCE and your getting paid for it.  Lucky. 

I wish I was wearing this shirt with white skinnies instead of my gym clothes right now. 
the little slit in the back is so cute. 

how cute is she?
and how not cute is she,
even when she is trying to pull her shit together? 

happy weekend kiddies :)