Coffee Talk

Thursday, May 31, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves...... 

The Bachelorette: 
FINALLY.  This week was goo-oooo-oood. 
Arie {the race car driver} is definitely my favorite to win at the moment.  They are so cute together, and she's clearly crazy about him, sneaking kisses from him at the rose ceremony night. 

Kalon continues to douche it up.
(insert giant smile on my face)
 "I love it when you talk, but I wish you'd let me finish"
Kick. Him. In. The. Nuts.
But please don't eliminate him, obviously.

Ryan - really, really obnoxious.  Please eliminate immediately.
you can tell he thinks his stuff smells like roses.
And Ryan - you can't outright tell a girl you won't date her if she gets fat.  You need to wait until you are IN A RELATIONSHIP before you can start dropping bombs like that and pretend you are being sarcastic.   
Everyone knows that. 
Oh wait.... or NEVER. 

The "compromise guy" with the horrifying hair..... Allesandro. 
It was like he said her daughter was a compromise 97x.
I loved when she said "Me having a daughter isn't a compromise - it's the biggest bonus in the entire world."  And he says "no, no, no I don't see it that way". 
The only way I see it is you are ugly and should leave. 
{All I could think about was that it was the asshole version of Monica looking at Richard about the having kids talk and her saying "if you hadn't just said 'if I had to' 100 times.... I would be saying yes."
but obviously Allesandro is no Richard.}
god I miss Friends..... anyways.... 
Allesandro. Cave Man...... and so disrepectful.
Did you see the part at the end!?!? Him saying that he DATED HIS THIRD COUSIN?!?!? AND HES A GYPSY KING?!?!?  This dude is NUTS.
ughh.... I wish he was still on to say more about his gypsy life. 
you know I love me some gypsies.
thank God the cry baby finally was sent home to his son
it was getting extremely uncomfortable to watch him sob every 5 minutes, especially because he looks like a 12 year old himself so the fact that he has a child was a bit alarming. 
Ok, who is the dude I keep seeing in the background with the ponytail???
and who is this one that hasn't spoken a single word?? 
and when can I steal Emily's friend and have her come hit on my boyfriend and make him uncomfortable while I laugh hysterically? 
she was amazing. 

Of course the 5 minutes I missed of my homegirls Kathy Lee + Hoda were the most awkward ones ever.  Kathy Lee asked Martin Short about his wife, who passed away two years ago.
I completely love that they booze at 10 am, but yikes, maybe keep it limited to a glass because that is beyond uncomfortable.  Horrible. 

I can't get over how damn attractive of a couple Peta + Maksim from DWTS are together.
look at their bodies!? life is just not fair. 

You all know that Andy Cohen is my favorite human being in the entire world, and basically every episode of WWHL is better than the last.  But last week's WWHL with Adam Lambert and Beth Ditto takes the cake.  I didn't even know who she was, but man was this the best gay duo trio I've ever seen in my life. 
discussing which food best resembles the size of their nip's.
if that sentence doesn't make you want to watch it, you need to see someone.
I was laughing harder than when I watch one of my friends fall, which obviously is always inappropriately loud and long. 

{ps. I had a dream last night that Andy Cohen had a stage act in Vegas right next to Jerry Seinfeld, and I finally convinced my mom Nance-Pants to go on a big trip with all of the kids as long as we promised to see shows every night. 
 I need help.} 

Katy Perry looks COMPLETELY different without make-up on.
Not bad, just shockingly like an innocent 14 year old. 

The RHOOC in Mexico Costa Rica is amazing.
Thank God for Heather for adding some intelligence and sanity to this group. 

Vicki seriously needs to be in a mental institution.  I felt like I was drunk while watching this episode trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about? 
was she wasted the entire time? she went from anus conversations to love tank talk and back to anus, up and down, and all over the place?? 
Alexis was dressed like she was going to film a porn with an African Safari theme to go zip lining.  {and this woman has her own clothing line? who buys this stuff??}
And Alexis, I don't know everything, but I'm willing to bet my life that NO ONE, no matter if a car is worth 5,000 or 500,000 can re-sell a car for MORE than they paid for it.  Cars do not appreciate in value?!? What??!! I was actually thrilled when they all ganged up on her.  But I'm mean like that, and my gosh does Jesus Barbie drive me insane.
{oh and side note, I have wanted to go to Costa Rica and zip line for so long, but ever since the girl did it and got flesh eating virus in GA a few weeks ago I am freaking out.}

I'm in love with Nookie on Around The World in 80 Plates. 
yep... that's all. 

Mary-Kate is dating a 42 year old??
I don't care if he is the former French President's brother.  
That is just wrong. and he's not even a hot 42?? 

I was beginning to think the Scientology crazies hadn't completely taken over Katie Holmes brain when I saw her drinking a beer and relaxing with a book
but no... just a scene for a movie.  
still an alien. 


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lusts for the week....... 

Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Bangle

mara hoffman navy dress with beaded cups

tucker short sleeve shirt dress
{although GOOD LORD don't bend over in this}

theory floral print dress

joie striped top

pamela love cutout cuff

dolce vita mini dress

tia stripe maxi


Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! 
I have the worst weekend recap ever, as the only pictures I really took while I was home were of my pup Rooney, the most handsome dog alive. 

we worked on his fitness + my tan lines poolside 

ate and ate and ate. 
lunch at el taco in the highlands was a favorite.

I did manage to find my new favorite shorts + most comfortable T-Shirt's at JCrew.  
I never was able to find any mint jeans, so the shorts are a perfect compromise.
 and this coral color makes you look SO tan. 
that alone is reason for me to purchase anything. 

and the most comfortable t-shirts in the world. I feel like I'll live in the grey.

I'm kicking myself for not getting this dress.
It was perfection.  I may have to head back there and snatch it up.

riveting stuff today right?  
why do vacations always leave you more exhausted than before?


Guest Post: Tartan + Sequins

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi everyone :) 

I am over at Julia and Allison's amazing blog Tartan and Sequins today as their Girl Crush of The Week! We're all Miami of Ohio alums, they are sweet as pie, and their blog always has incredible outfit posts and great fashion finds.

Hop on over and check it out! 

And I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend :) 


Coffee Talk (kinda....)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves...... 

lunch coffee talk has been cancelled due to lack of hustle. 
deal with it. 

I flew home last minute to spend some time with the fam, so I have a super abbreviated version of Coffee Talk for you today.  
This guy can be very distracting

My apologies.  Go watch Heavyweights instead, it'll be a much better use of your time. 

remember last week when I said horse mouth never wears a bra?
Just. put. on. a. bra. 
you are disgusting. 

john mayer on WWHL last night 
I mean..... what??? This is your new "I live in Montana, and when I sleep with people now, I promise not to talk to about every detail to the press" look? 
I'm buying his album ASAP, but good lord, you look insane.
Dan Rather (loved him) using the words "pucker" last night to describe meeting Saddam... and me having to explain to my mom what that meant. Priceless. 

I haven't watched a single episode of Idol this season, but Nance Pants does, and I threw up in my mouth a little bit when Ace proposed to Diana on stage.
That's like the D-List celeb version of proposing on a baseball scoreboard.

Finally.... Revenge Finale. 

Insane. Amazing. So good. Why do I have to wait 3 months for a new episode?!?

sorry to drop the ball....
but when laziness and cocktails on the porch calls....