Bits + Baubles

Monday, April 30, 2012

I just discovered a new-to-me jewelry source: Lydell NYC.
they have gorgeous necklaces (and bracelets, rings, earrings, etc)
but the best part is:
 they are as affordable as they are pretty! 

I must get my hands on the last necklace. 
I feel like I would be able to wear it with absolutely everything.

what are your favorite inexpensive accessory finds? 


Weekend Recap + Monogram Monday

Hope you all had a great weekend :) 

My Chambray shirt arrived just in time for the weekend, and this "1 shirt, 8 ways" from Pinterest has me dreaming of all the ways to wear it.

I also stumbled across a very interesting monogram for today's
 Monogram Monday and I just had to share it 
now I'm all for monogramming everything possible, but this may be taking it slightly too far. Part of me actually likes this idea (I know, I'm crazy), but do it much smaller and in a much more discreet location, don't ya think? 
Oh... and my mother would kill me. 

and now, onto the weekend recap.

I'm once again attempting to use technology so bear with me


Coffee Talk (a little late....)

Friday, April 27, 2012

better late than never?..... 

discuss amongst ya-selves.....

My DVR recorded half of my shows this week as blank, black TV. 
We are in a very, very big fight.

Did you catch the premier of RHONJ?
We don't even need to comment on how dumb, seriously inept, and bat shit crazy Theresa is.

Let's just skip on to ASHLEY.
ummm...... what eff were you thinking?
Oh wait, you are most likely on drugs and booze, so I get it.
There's no way she lost all that weight without some serious booger-sugar.

And NOTHING is more attractive that quadrupling the size of your lips, and adding a Kim-Zolziack-wig style hair-do to top it off.
Send her off to live in Vegas.... that sounds like the perfect solution.
Vegas? Seriously? 

I saw a clip of the cast of 30 Rock playing Charades on Jimmy Fallon.

This is exactly what I would want to do every weekend.  Hilarious.
Jimmy Fallon kills me. 

who buys a $7,800 wedding dress ONLINE at shopbop? what???
This is the dumbest idea shop bop has ever had.... what woman in their right mind that is spending $8,000 on a dress would buy it online? [answer: one that is on drugs like ashley]

Oh wait... I take it back... not shopbop's worst move: 
let's suffocate the baby with maternity shape wear??? 

thoughts on ashton + mila as a couple?
 I feel like I like it... makes them playing a couple on that 70's show even that much cuter. She said that he was her first kiss ever. [insert: awww]. As long as he keeps that hideous beard he had earlier off his face, they make a very cute couple. 

thoughts on Lilo playing Elizabeth Taylor?
personally, I'm already annoyed with Rosie O'Donnell using it as her newfound way to get attention.  Rosie pisses the hell out of me.  If the rumors are true about her possibly hopping on to The Today Show I will be so mad - I do NOT want to start my days listening to that woman talk. 
But Lilo needs to lay off the plastic surgery 

she looked terrifying in an interview I saw this week.
Not one thing moved on her face.

Bethenny and Jason went to Mexico for her birthday this week.
Their fights are just killing me this season! 
(please dear lord let me look like that at 41 post baby)
LOOK AT HIM. and he is the sweetest damn thing on the face of the earth. What on earth are you two fighting about non-stop!? It seems like they never have more than 5 seconds alone together, and he is surrounded constantly by women at all times, so what do they do for vacation.... bring ALL of the office women with them?? Great idea.  

Jessica Simpson's 2 year old that is still inside the womb was a hot topic for my friends and I at dinner this week.  There are rumors apparently she had the baby already.... 

I'm secretly hoping she gave birth 3 months ago and the joke is on us. 
but alas..... she said this week:
"To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl... I'm still pregnant!!" she wrote. "Don't believe what you read ladies and gents."
I think the picture above is from 2 months ago. This is terrifying me. 
Let's open a baby betting pool: leave a comment with when this is finally happening... I vote pray it's Tuesday.

Snook's got in on the commentary and stated she "would die if her baby bump looked like" Jessica's. 
zip it snooki. you'll be lucky if you and your baby ever turn out to be acceptable human beings. poor thing doesn't stand a chance. 

How exciting is it about Giuluana + Bill!!! 
Finally some good news about the baby via surrogate for them!
She had a surprise baby shower this week.
I still was annoyed with Bill this week on the show though.... I thought it was strange to have a camera in your wife's face for every moment leading up to a double mastectomy??? Put the camera down and hold her damn hand!  But I guess to each their own.  (Don't get me wrong... I still sobbed the entire episode... and still love him... but not as much as Jason). 

and in even more baby news: Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant
where has Freddie Prince Jr. been hiding for the last 10 years?? 
Remember when he was amazing in She's All That
that girl fell off the face of the planet too. 

I'm really, really, really excited for The Bachelorette to start.  It won't be as good as the Bachelor, because making fun of all of the girls crying + getting drunk on the Bachelor is always 10x better, but it'll still be amazing.
Here's a promo video for the upcoming season: 

But, I have a confession: I really miss Small Mouth.
Coffee Talk just isn't the same without her.
please dear lord let there be someone as entertaining as her 
I'm off to google more small mouth pics to get me through the day.
happy weekend kiddies. 

Golden Day

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today is my Golden Birthday.  2-6.  
via pinterest 
....I am entering "late twenties". Yikes.

Some gals and I went to Balena last night, and I can officially say it is my new favorite restaurant.
The decor is beautiful, and the food was absolutely incredible.  
this was devoured in all of 5 minutes. and the pasta was amazing.

Coffee Talk has been moved to tomorrow, 

 because it's my birthday and I have special plans... and if you know my lazy ass - that means doing as much NOTHING as possible.  
oh, except continuing to laugh my ass off at What Should We Call Me.  It's pretty much all I do before bed lately. 
 I've particularly enjoyed this gem about 900 times: 

See you all tomorrow :) 


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lusts for the week...... 

love. this. 

the rachel pally dress i'm still lusting over, but now in cream + black too

statement bib necklace

colorblock pleated skirt

cream mesh sweater

clementine strapless dress

banana republic bangles

polka dot belted romper


Why am I not OCD?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I really wish I had the Type A, anal retentive, everything has a place mentality.
I started The Happiness Project, and the first chapter is all about getting organized and clearing out clutter, something I am in dire need of working on.
How do you people do it??? 
Having everything clean and in it's place at all times? 
Sure, I think most of you are crazy, but I'm still jealous. 

full length mirror that opens up for enormous jewelry storage

anyone know chinese/japanese/korean/I don't know which language that is???
the link leads nowhere and I want this.... badly....  

corner dress rail to organize the weeks outfits 

pvc pipes for hair tool storage

shower curtain rod for necklaces

prevent pots and pans from being jammed all over the pantry.

and of course..... the most fun organization of all: the closet

Any tips for channeling your inner Martha and getting organized?