Stepping outside of the comfort zone...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First of all, enjoy this  Sh*t Girls on The Bachelor Say
video. Because I know you all "hate the bachelor", yet still completely watch all 2 hours every Monday night.... "just to make fun of the pathetic girls". right.... me too....  

Anyone that knows me knows that I am very much a creature of habit. 
I'm slow to try new things, and even though I'll admire a trend or someone else's style I rarely feel bold enough to attempt it myself.  
Saturday night I finally decided to put on my big girl pants - my big girl pink pants! I got a pair of blue & pink jeans over Christmas break, and finally wore the pink pair out.
similar pair here
Yes, this is me getting cah-razy.... pairing it will all basic black.
I'm an animal, I know. 
And my face just screams excitement, doesn't it? 

Next up, I want to pair it with my favorite thing ever: stripes.

or this adorable striped blazer that I've been eyeing.... 
only $79

next up, my plans for the blue: 

now if only I could get myself to take off 
my gold studs every once in awhile.... 

baby steps.


Monogram Monday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hope you all had a great weekend :) 

I finally found a spot for my wooden monogram 
I think I may spray paint it red? Thoughts? 

Did a little window shopping this weekend and admired these necklaces

and this bright top with an open back

My friend and I ventured to the Lululemon Warehouse sale this weekend... we got their early so the lines weren't too bad, and they did keep us entertained with music before we ran into the madness
anxiously waiting behind the ropes.... 

Went to BBQ with some friends and the boys

picked up this cookbook to find some new recipes 

and headed to the suburbs for paddle tennis

I also may have drooled over this pinterest pic for a little bit on the couch 

Happy Monday!

To brighten your Sunday....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seriously... watch this.... in it's entirety. 

Cupcakes + Lululemon

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cupcakes and workout clothes totally go together... right???

I made How Sweet Eats Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cupcakes with Cinnamon Sugared Chip Frosting last night 
her pretty photo

and let me tell you.... they were delicious!! 
They kind of reminded me of Potbelly's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie?



+ 2 more sticks of butter frosting...

It was only after eating them that I realized I used 3 sticks of butter. 
 For 12 cupcakes.  
Even for me, that is bad.
But hey.... Paula can't do it anymore... so someone has to carry the team.

To make up for devouring an entire stick of butter and more last night, I'll be going to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale in Chicago this weekend! 

I figure maybe if I buy some new workout clothes, it will motivate me to stop 
eating like a recently diagnosed diabetic?
I pretty much live in my Lulu black stretchy pants, so it is about time to get some more. My boyfriend will be thrilled... not. 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


The Rug Gods Have Spoken....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

You may remember that at the end of last summer I was decorating my apartment, driving all over Chicago with my mama Nance Pants and finding great deals on all sorts of things to make my apartment a home.  We found so much great stuff, and were lucky enough to get incredible sales and floor samples galore. 

A pic of my living room a couple of months ago..... 

badly in need of a rug....

I had found in JULY (ugh.... I've been waiting so long) at West Elm their Jute Chennile Herringbone rug - and best of all - it was 30% off!! I saw it as a sign - great price, beautiful rug.  I loved it.  They informed me it was backordered until end of August, beginning of September.  No worries.... I'll wait.

Months roll by..... Finally it is the beginning of NOVEMBER and I get a phone call that my rug has come in! Hallelujah!!! I stroll into the store the next day.... so excited to finally have my living room comfy cozy... and they have absolutely no record of me ordering the rug.  You called me, buddy? Here's the voicemail.  How can you call me if you have no record of it??? 
Now.... you can't get mad at the little guy helping you, because it's not his fault and he isn't the one that called me.  But I had already bought a couch, a settee, a headboard, a coffee table.... I had given West Elm everything but my left arm back in July. I've been waiting for months on this rug and you have no record?? 

Long story short - they say that they don't have anymore, so I can just re-order it... but not with the 30% discount?  And wait another couple "weeks". Not going to fly with me.  I left my name and number and told them to speak to my sales girl who had seen me 10 times and to call me the next day to figure this out.  No one ever called.  
I. was. furious.  

So... after getting over the fact that I had waited months for no rug and had to start all over, I hit the internet.  I found an almost exact replica, from Home Decorators (love them) and got a 30% off discount code in my e-mail.  This was one backordered too.... but at this point I didn't care.

and I just got an e-mail that it has SHIPPED!!!! I am like a kid on Christmas morning!!!!! 

Now.... if only my monogrammed pillows I have been waiting 6 months for, that the UPS man lost, that are now backordered again..... alright I'll stop. Enough bitching for one day. 

I'm planning on making these cupcakes to celebrate tonight :) 


Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lusts for the week.... 

lemon, orange, and blue striped scarf

shoshanna strapless tweed dress

cork wedge shoes
(is it time for summer yet???)

asos sequin jacket

tortoise shell bangle

grenadine draped back dress

warm winter jacker
and this entire outfit in general 
on sale for $130!


Coffee Talk: Couples Edition

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves.....

Some commentary on celeb couples news....
because hey...why not criticize other people's relationships? 

You know Andy Cohen has his Jackhole of the Week on WWHL?
Well I have a Dumbass of the Week.
Let's call off an engagement, get back together, and 2 months later be pregnant.  Which probably means you were preggers and then got back together or are trying real hard to keep a crappy quarterback that pouts more than I did when I was 12 NFL boy on lock-down. 

J Lo's 18 years younger suitor tweeted his opinions on his love
 He said "Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. 
Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite.
Good friend sent it for me and thought it was beautiful and perfect!!! #truth."
J. Lo then retweeted this proclamation.
Tweeting your love? Yep.... sounds like an 18 year younger relationship to me.

Shocked these two are still together
but they're one pretty gorgeous couple, so I give them my vote of approval.
Plus anyone is better than Scarlett Johansson.
Am I the only one who seriously can't stand her and was furious with the prior-to-marrying-that-skank-Scarlett-was-perfect Ryan?
The feeling is mutual, Johansson. 

I don't know why I am ever shocked when celebrity marriages fail - but this really makes me sad.
Definitely didn't see this split coming. 

I feel like Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for forever.
Does anyone know what he does for a job? All they ever say is ex-NFL player? 

And finally.... I know you all watched RHOBH last night for 
Pandy's "Chi Chi Chi" Beverly Hills Wedding. 
(I'm choosing not to comment on how the whole episode is about the wedding.... yet a good 7 minutes were taken up by Paul's colon. What??)

I am not a pink wedding type of gal, not at all, but that tent was gorgeous. The amount of flowers and chandeliers in that place was incredible.  
Change the pink color scheme and it'd be gorgeous.
But, her dress... her hair....Lisa's tiara -  I have no comment. 

I totally want to leave my wedding with that many sparklers though. 
And look at this little gem of Ken & Lisa I found
Ken's hair hasn't changed one bit. 

Overall, I was disappointed by the finale.
My Crazy Kim didn't make a single appearance.

Broke my heart. Although, Bravo probably didn't want to subject us to viewing her boyfriend again, so in that instance - thank you. 


Book Club

Monday, January 23, 2012

No... this is never going to happen, but still.... 

I've actually managed to keep one of my resolutions this year (so far...)
Last year I said I would read a book a month - definitely did not happen.  I did read all of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo series though, and loved them. 
But so far this year I have already read 3 and am working on the 4th. 

I had heard about this book last summer and even though I knew it was a beach read, I figured I might as well read it now.  It was such a quick read, very quirky, and unlike any other book I have ever read.  Now I feel like I want to go back and re-read The Great Gatsby this year as well. 

I know I am wayyyy late on this, but I loved it.  Now I want to see the movie too. And go to Italy immediately.

I love easy, mindless chick books.  It's pathetic, but they seriously are my favorite books ever.  This wasn't as good as Devil Wears Prada or Everyone Worth Knowing, but it still was a great quick read.   

I just started The Help this week.... again, way late on this, but I figured I might as well since I still hadn't seen the movie either.  I'm loving it and hoping to be done next week.

Everyone has been raving about The Hunger Games but I am wondering what I should pick up next?? I don't normally enjoy serious, disturbing books which is what The Hunger Games sounds like, (although I don't think anything is more disturbing than Girl w. Dragon Tatoo and I loved those) so who knows?

Any suggestions for what books to read this year?


*photos via pinterest