wishlist wednesday.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

sorry for the prolonged silence
being sick + not having the ability to take sick days is hell
and it may lead to throwing your back out like an 80 year old 
just to be the cherry on top of the week's cake :) 
the perfect thing to make me feel better?
a shopbop sale of course! 
with crazy amazing prices just in time for chrismukkah!

DVF coat  - the perfect holiday coat



  1. Ugh that sounds awful- hope you're feeling better now! I really want those Michael Kors booties even though I have a knock off pair- those are soo cute!

  2. Uggh I'm sick too. Did you give it to me through the interwebs? I hope you are feeling better and sorry about the sick day situation. That blows. I love those Michael Kors booties but if I buy another pair like the 8 in my closet, I will just explode. haha..but they are my weakness. Great picks and I love a Shopbop sale! xoxo

  3. I miss coffee talk!!!!!! Please come back!!! :-)