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Monday, December 17, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves.....

What. The. Hell. Is. The. Dirt. On. Adrianne?
I need to know what is going on.
Theories? Rumors? come on .... tell me anything!!!
and I'm sorry... but Kim, it's too bad you don't have the excuse of being drunk anymore.  What is wrong with you that you would bring this up at your brother-in-law's work party! You really are still crazy.

could Stacey Dash have been more annoying on Million Dollar Decorators?
and could this outfit have been any uglier????
My God.  No wonder she hasn't acted since Clueless. I feel like this was her attempt at getting her name back out there, so maybe she was purposely being over the top?, but she looked like a dramatic lunatic.  every word out of her mouth was fake and ridiculous.  

she makes Martyn look demure and shy. {not an insult to Martyn, I love my Martyn}

Who knew Mama Elsa would be the voice of reason on Miami Housewives?
Leave Karent alone (we're about 90 episodes in, and her name still drives me insane for some reason).
Sure, Karent's response to her boyfriend cheating on her was a a blank-robot-blinking-stare.  Sure, she's a complete and utter idiot.  But leave her the eff alone.

anyone catch the finale of Giuliana and Bill? It couldn't possible have been more boring. no one gives a crap about your baby crapping, so find something else to talk about!

it was pretty much like this: 5 minutes of her on the phone talking about the house not being done and a party, and then 5 minutes of her in the "confessional/commentary" thing talking about the EXACT SAME THING she just talked about.  I was pulling my hair out. 
 Highlight of the episode?
They kept showing the girl sitting in the front row of their speech in Tampa who was sitting with her crotch in full blown view.  (i looked....can't find a photo - but it's worth rewatching on the DVR). Yes, she was crying at the speech, but how does NO ONE in the editing room (or the girl herself) realize that her China is on full display.
their new LA house seriously is gorgeous though.
and obviously i went crazy for the monogrammed baby bed.
 just not the baby. they don't make great tv. 

The LeAnn Rimes interview was just SO much bullshit.  
LeAnn, you have quite the hideous ugly-cry.
Your eyes are pretty nonexistant to begin with, but I swear they literally don't exist when you are trying to act like you are a good person for banging a married man while you are married.  Look above.... NO EYE BALLS?
Yes, Eddie Cibrian is holy-good-lord-jesus-HOT, but come one now.  he probably has more STD's than Adam Levine. 
and his kids are not "your boys".  Brandy's a crazy, but I would slap you too for the "my boys" comments.
No one feels one ounce of sympathy for you.  And I'm seriously judging and disliking Giuliana for realizing in the interview that they are real life friends.  Woof.

Shemar Moore on WWHL was a close second to the amazing-ness of Mike Tyson on WWHL.
It started out hilarious.... and then slowly became so disgusting and creepy that I was screaming at my television, and I know I'm not the only one.  {yet creepy in the best way possible.  I live for this stuff.}

Andy Cohen's reaction was, as always, priceless.  And it wasn't complete until, when they were one shotski short for Sweet Brown, the gentleman Shemar decides he will take it and then put it in her mouth. AHH!  My good Lord, I love Bravo and live television.

Shemar CLEARLY did not realize who Sweet Brown was and that she normally did not look quite as put together as Bravo had made her look.  And those gold front teeth aren't by choice Mr. Moore.  The After Show online gets even better. So we all need to immediately go watch! 

I need to start watching Shah's of Sunset.... Persian Barbie Lily and Reza have convinced me. 

Since it's been so long since I have Coffee Talk'ed, a few more things:
*I can't even believe J. Simps is pregnant again.  Good Lord. 
*Kate being pregnant is going to make it seem as if J. Simps was only pregnant for 2 weeks based on how much people aren't going to shut up about the Royal Baby
*and of course... this was a week or 2 ago... but 
THANK YOU MILEY for making my week, week after week

one classy broad, i tell ya. 
(oh and a more recent one....) 

Liam.... we're all here for you when you realize what the rest of the world already knows. 



  1. I googled the issue with the Maloofs and somewhere I read she had a surogate. Woopty doo. That seems pretty norm for BH. In other news, Shahs of Sunset is my favorite Bravo show. That says a lot.

  2. I am obsessed with Reza. He makes the show and the others are mostly filler.

  3. Hmm..Miley's hair, whole ensemble...ew. And have you heard the great news?! JSimps is preggers again!! haha

  4. YAYYYY you are back! So much to discuss. A. I LOVE Shahs of HAVE to watch it. Lily is I am so obsessed with her. BTW her dog can only walk in twirls. Literally she twirls to walk bc she had like a stroke when she was little. It kills me. Ok next..Miley is disgusto. Next Jessie is right about the Maloof surro"gate". SHemar Moore on WWHL was the most RIDICULOUS thing I have EVER seen. I was gagging everywhere!!! Next I kind of want to punch Leanne Rimes in the face. I should have done it when I saw her in Chicago. haha One last thing...Stacy Dash has to be the most annoying person on the planet. And how does she have so much mula???? xoxo