Little Necessities

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

every girl needs a pair of diamond studs,
but you'll never lose them again
when they come with this adorable enamel box 
you can keep displayed on your vanity

the prettiest way to freshen your breath
{that'll look gorgeous amongst all the crap in the bottom of your purse}

have your Make-up Remover Wipes work double duty

they work wonders for cleaning your pumps after a night on the town 

drown out the obnoxious people on the train
{or eavesdrop on crazy strangers know, whichever....} 
without them ever knowing by pretending you are listening to music
with these adorable DVF earbuds

and finally,
after days in tights the last week or so,
I've learned I need to cut the crap and just get commando tights already

p.s. in my attempt to recover from my booze and food coma from thanksgiving and wedding events, I completely forgot to DVR Lilo's appearance in Liz + Dick.  
anyone see it??...... anyone.....? 



  1. Very pretty box! And the kissing elixirs--smart thinking for them on the pretty container.

  2. i forgot to record it as well - but then it was on three times last night so i recorded it to watch. i am sure you can catch it again!

  3. I forgot to DVR it too!! I tried the other night for the "encore" but it recorded some lame xmas movie instead. Curses!!! I just found out that Commando made tights so they are on my list!!!! xo

  4. I need those commando tights! My SIL watched Liz and Dick and she said it was awful! I really hope they play it again so I can see it!

  5. The previews for Lilo's movie were so akward I couldn't bring myself to even record it. She is a train wreck and not a good actress anymore. Ok I need the commando tights. For reals

  6. Kissing elixirs...tell me more! Nice list!

  7. I saw it.... it was OK..... I thought Lindsay was pretty decent at acting.

  8. Those earrings are gorgeous..and so is the box they come in! I missed Liz + Dick too..completely forgot about it

    - K.