Holiday Gift Guide: Booze Edition

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i know, i know
it's not even thanksgiving yet

but I just can't help myself.
so we're going to start a little early this year.
and what better way to start than with the greatest gift of all:


everyone loves booze.
your mom, your brother, your best friend, your boyfriend.
who says no to the gift of booze?
no one I care to know

show your girlfriends how much you care,
by gifting wine in a box in style. 
you'll feel less guilty drinking the whole bottle 
when it's packaged in a purse
franzia doesn't have shit on this cute cardboard. 

why bother going back and forth to the fridge 
every 5 minutes time you need a new glass?
just stick a corksicle in it (ha.....k... anyways...) 
and your pinot grigio stays chilled for an hour, 
without watering down the wine at all 

a bracelet that doubles as a flask 
of course! every girl's dream! 
this would make tailgating a breeze 

because fashion and alcohol cleary go hand in hand... 
we learned that with the wine purse already.
and the more you drink the better your outfit looks. 
smart move cynthia rowley. 

may your holidays be filled with booze :) 
otherwise it's just hours of agonizing extended family....



  1. you are not normal. you should probably add the wine sippy cup

  2. these are amazing! Can't wait to gift these this year!

  3. HAAAA! A flask bracelet?? Awesome!


  4. Hm, yes, best gift guide I've seen so far. Those flask bracelets, first thing on the list! Hello football game fashion!

  5. I just read about the corkcicle. Pretty clever if I do say so myself!

  6. These are hilarious! My favorite is the bracelet that doubles as a flask. Too funny.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. I love those fancy wine boxes! Might have to get a few of those this holiday season!

  8. great idea for wine! especially for girlfriends who always seem to have it all!

  9. hahah omg this is amazing! a flask bracelet?? genius.