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Thursday, November 8, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves......
RHOBH is my favorite of all the Housewives.
Not a whole lot happened in this first episode... but the season looks like it's going to be a good one.
The husbands seem to get awfully bitchy with eachother and drop alot of f-bombs.
Adrienne's flowers: holy hell.
They looked like her make-up, hair, and outfits: tacky as hell and cheap, but unfortunately you know it cost a fortune.
kathy hilton looks like kim richards mother.
you know you've done something wrong when your alcoholic/drug abusing sister looks like your daughter because you look that old.
p.s. i miss the gay bull-mastiff and the crazy diary confessional with the pink silk turtleneck already

brandi and lisa being bff's still doesn't make any sense to me?
lisa's closet on the other hand......
be still my beating heart

I mean...... good god.
and the verdict is still out on yolanda....
although... she chose to only drink water at the villa blanca party and made a big sha-bang about it... so for that, she's no good to me.  especially around that group of gals, 
or any day ending in -y, 
you need booze. everyone knows that.

can't believe snooki tweeted with no make-up.
even more shocking: and no leopard or zebra print.
has hell frozen over? 

seriously? is this really happening?
this makes absolutely no sense to me at all.
other than the fact that he seems like hes a man whore, and well, she most likely gets around.
where has carmen electra been for the last .... hmm.... forever?

dear lord, please let me look like this when I'm pregnant.
actually... i'll just take the whole thing now.
with that face and those legs I could totally
 talk my way out of the giant belly. 
these genes seriously amaze me.  it just doesn't make sense.

I don't know why this is so cute to me,
but Victoria Beckham in flats is shorter than her 13 year old son
I think this has to be the first time she's ever been seen in flats??

howwww did I just find out that the crazy 16 year old country bride that married the 51 tear old acting creep are on a television show?

I saw a clip of them on The Soup and I need to set Couples Therapy to DVR immediately.  they make the most messed up couple look like june and ward cleaver.
then. i just went to google to find a pic... and guess who else is on this:
i know what i'll be doing on sunday..... 

dear rihanna and chris brown,
you can name your song "nobodies business" but all that is doing is drawing even more attention to you two.  we really don't care anymore.  your dumb ass can be with him all you want.
ps i do like your music even though you are a complete and utter moron. 
they should start double dating with more idiots,
like kristin and rob.

first the disturbing perfume ad for Chanel No.5
{and I must say, the SNL parody was perfection} 
and now you are designing furniture?
seriously, brad.
just shave your face pubes, cut your hair, and stick to what you do best:
acting and looking incredibly gorgeous onscreen, which is nothing like the homeless man you choose to look like in your personal life.

Leo - enough is enough
just pick one gorgeous model and stick with her already. 

and now, 
I leave you with my calming matra of the day
Aaaa eee-eee  iiii oooo-oooo uuuuuu.
his outfits were too amazing not to believe in his voo-doo. 
if only this pic displayed his yellow pants with his little boys mc-hammer black high-tops. 



  1. wait a second i don't know about that marriage show either!!!! My DVR is going to update for this amazingness as soon as I get home tonight. Tayo you are my DVR/TV soul mate. And omg lisa's closet...

  2. Thank goodness for RHOBH and Coffee Talk. My husband kept trying to talk to me during the first episode and I had to remind him RHOBH= World talking.

  3. Beverly Hills is the only cast I watch for real housewives...what a time for me to be without cable! Arghhh. haha

  4. i died a little when i read ole norman baker's chants. i still don't understand what happened with mama elsa.

    i haven't watched this week's couple's therapy yet - but spoiler alert: dourtney left last week. they're too interested in the lime light not to come back. but...

  5. this made me awkwardly laugh out loud at work. love this weekly post!

  6. Shayne Lamas is also on Couples Therapy - with her husband that she married after less than a day of knowing him. Oh, and he runs a celeb gossip site. GOOD. TV. PERIOD.

  7. OMG I NEED to check out Couples Therapy. HILARIOUS!!!!! I have already watched RHBH twice. The second time was with my dad and I had the best time giving him the scoop on everyone. I think we may have a new fan. haha! Oh and yes yes eeee aaahh oooooh uuuuuu was the best thing of my life. Him and mama Elsa together was priceless. And did you check out his Uggs? I love how he was singing the vowels at the Black Gala. hahaa.

    The Now Style Book

  8. Couples Therapy is amazing!!! They are all trainwrecks!! Dont even get me started on how stupid celebrities are when comes to relationships- apparently abuse and cheating aren't a big deal when you have millions of dollars!! I need to get caught up on my RHOBH

  9. Love this week's list. Perfection.

  10. i am dying laughing and agreeing with everything you wrote. Couples Therapy?? what I need this in my life. Lisa's closet is ridic her and brandi being friends seems fake but I will say Brandi has grown on me. Brad Pitt looks disgusting and it still makes me angry they let Shiloh dress like a boy. I heart POSH. Elsa and the petite man pure joy watching that weird scenario.

  11. hahah omg these gifs are amazing. and THANK YOU for calling out pitt's chanel commercial. i've seen it praised so much i was beginning to think i was crazy for hating it!