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Friday, November 2, 2012

discuss amongst ya-selves....

winner for best halloween costume?
Lady Gaga.... as weed!!!
obviously.... this holiday is made for her

finally a great pic of Jess!
It may be a Halloween costume.... but this is literally the best picture I've seen of her in atleast over a year. 
Well done Jess.... well done.
and your baby looks quite cute as well.

sister ashley released a teaser for her new music video
and I must say the timing is fitting because it is a little scary
i'm sorry (no I'm not) but I think she is a little bit of a freak and this video shows it.
"i'm going to bang bang f*** you up..." 
although... the ballet move at the end is incredible.
she definitely should have stuck with ballet.

this seems like an awfully odd coupling?? 
her previous boyfriend was Joe Jonas though, 
so I'm guessing they have the same no hanky-panky beliefs.
and tebow apparently dated taylor swift... 
so to that I say: Major upgrade tebow.  Major. 

more It's Amanda news....

apparently she wandered around a tanning salon looking crazy in just her tanning goggles.
Amanda's response: "I'm 26, a multi-millionaire, retired."
BOOM. take that. 
that totally justifies all of her recent crazy behavior, right?!

Sunday kicks off Bravo's big premiere week
and obviously this is the most exciting news of the season for me. 
Most exciting: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
David Foster's wife seems like a complete and utter bitch.
yaaaaay :) 
Taylor Armstrong is apparently dating a new man.... 
so I wonder if he makes it into the show. 
and Adrian and Lisa hating eachother with definitely be worthwhile

The crazy on RH of Miami continues to delight me.
and yet even amongst all the fighting and fist throwing

 all I could think about was:
a. HOW can that chick not realize her nipple is out all night 
b. God Joe Francis is so disgusting (and feminine... really feminine) 
who the hell would sleep with him? 
c. and Romain,
quit drinking your pink drink through a straw! 
what man fishes for his straw with his tongue and drinks through it?
When a guy is talking about having sex with your fiancĂ©, I'm thinking you shouldn't be keeping your head down staring into your pink drink and slurping through a straw like a 5 year old. 

and to end on a positive note: 
Taylor, I still can't stand you,
but your Jenny Packham dress was a favorite last night for the CMA's. 

happy friday 


  1. thank you for making my day!


  2. i second that! lady gaga dressed as weed is the best thing i've seen all day.

  3. Wow Jessica does look really good. I am still rooting for her. Cant wait for RHBH, I squealed last night when I remembered it starts bacK monday and Matt told me to get a life if that excited me so much. What does he know?? David Fosters wife scares me.

  4. Jessica looks sooo good!! This is seriously the best she has looked in at least 2 years. Lady Gaga's costume is perfect for her. Joe Francis is so so icky!! What is happening to Amanda Bynes?! She's clearly off her rocker