Friday Randoms

Friday, March 23, 2012

Seriously Random.

Kim K got attacked by a flour bomb on the red carpet

extreme. yes? hilarious? YES.

I saw this on Pinterest as "mini grilled cheese" .... and started cracking up.
 all I see is the probably drunk party guest in the background who looks like she is about to attack that server for some late night eats. 
I want to be her bff. 

my friends and I use this word far too often
via pinterest

I had high hopes Hilary Duff wouldn't act like a celeb and would give her child a normal name... 
nope... Luca Cruz.  although totally normal compared to other celebs. 

I made my first carrot cake with cream cheese frosting last night... 
recipe to come - it was amazing! 
The best part: eating it with two forks right off the platter on the porch, while having beers and listening to music, and watching a Crossfit class workout while we gorge ourselves.
nothing like eating and drinking 
while people burn calories and evil eye the hell out of you. 

I leave for Vegas next Wednesday and I have officially check out mentally.... 
so ready for a mini vacation!!! 

Hope you all have a great weekend :) 



  1. Girl, this post is SERIOUSLY cracking me up! Love every bit of it! I want to be that drunk girl's BFF too! We can fight over her. Have so much fun in Vegas! Had the time of my life there last week...just beware...I think the Devil lives there! ;)
    Because Shanna Said So

  2. I'm sorry is Hilary Duff Spanish and I didn't know it? Luca Cruz?? And I take great pleasure in the flour bombing of Kim K!!! hehehe (evil laugh) Have a great weekend friend!!! xoxoxo Elizabeth

  3. Eating carrot cake with icing whilst watching people exercise? AMAZING. That's exactly what I would do! haha love it! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love that Kim got flour-bombed. HA! You know she was PISSED!

    Hangry is an amazing word and I'm afflicted by it far too often.

  5. I would say most days by 11:15am - I can be a little hangry. Just saying, it happens to the best of us! And Kim K? Couldn't agree more - too funny! PS. Send some of that carrot cake my way - better yet, just the cream cheese frosting. That stuff is to die for.