I'm on a lucky streak!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today must be my lucky day! 

Not only did I win Design Darling's giveaway, but I also just found out that I won the amazing vmac+cheese's cookbook giveaway! 

I will soon be recieving my lady love Ina's cookbook How Easy Is That?? 

Now if I could only get Ina's voice out of my head saying "Geoffreeeyyy" and "How easy is thaaaat?" and her cute little giggles in her one of 3 outfits she owns (black, white, blue) I could get back to my productive Tuesday!!

"Oh, Geoffrey...."

[Seriously though.... I love Ina, but I wonder what else is in her closet other than those button down shirts!!] 

Thanks so much Victoria for the win! I love reading your blog :)

ps - everyone check out this AMAZINGly funny tumblr dedicate to miss Ina I just found


Please! No more vacation....

Never thought I would say this - but after two long weekends away... I am ready to NOT MOVE my rear or go anywhere anytime soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend... I will post pics about my weekend in Wisconsin at Powers Lake tomorrow.  Being in a house with 25 people may be part of the reason I am ready for a break... but it was so much fun and brought me back to my college days*.
*And reminded me I do not have the energy to bounce back that I had in college...tear.

Little celebrity gossip to get me back to normal: 

Britney looked SO good at her first red carpet appearance with boyfriend Jason last night... 

I think she is definitely getting closer and closer to the old Brit this year

I thought that Ashton Kutcher had already been 100% decided as Charlie Sheen's replacement on Two & A Half Men, but I guess I was wrong.  
Hugh Grant has been named as his replacement.  That show is hilarious and I think Hugh - with his bad boy past and accent - will be a perfect fit. 

E! Online announced that LeAnn and her new cheating hubbs got back from their honeymoon and titled it "Yes she finally removed the bikini" 

I mean... I know it's warm outside, but I'm pretty sure she STILL isn't fully clothed.  Did you lost your pants going through customs? I guess when you land your husband through cheating you need to keep his eyes on you at all times.... being naked must her way of doing it. 

I feel like pregnant belly's in bikinis is always a convo people debate...Is it gross? Is it cute?  Either way, Tori Spelling rocked hers this weekend: 

 I think she seems like a sweetie, but I still think Dean seems like a d-bag from what I've seen of their shows.

Finally, I'm so excited that I won Design Darling's giveaway last week!! This little beauty will be heading my way soon.... 

Sorry for the randomness.  Brain is still fried and my AC isn't working... 


Lake Weekend

Friday, May 27, 2011

 I'm off to Wisconsin with about 20 crazy kids for a lakehouse getaway....

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!! 


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

It has been a week with weddings on the brain

my bestie got engaged!

as did Kim K.... who got the tiniest ring I ever did see
I mean come on...
her fiance couldn't splurge on a bigger ring for her?

and if that wasn't enough to get me excited, I saw a commercial for new reality show....

a new reality Wedding show... 

a new reality GYPSY wedding show.

Anyone who knows me knows that I call people gypsies as a loving and affectionate term.  It's something my sister and her husband and I do constantly... and something my boyfriend HATES... so obviously I say it even more around him. duh.

While looking up the new TLC show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, I realized they already had a show about this in Britain that had 9 million viewers.
Be still my gypsy heart!!!

"people could mistake them for being prostitutes, because their dresses are so short.  but they have got the highest morals of anybody I know."

HERE is another clip about the TLC gypsy singles... 15 year old's dressed like prostitutes who have the most interesting awful way of courting each other.

Happy weekend my gypsies.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :) 


Summer bags

Thursday, May 26, 2011

These printed purses just make me smile... and also make me wonder when summer will actually STAY in Chicago, instead of just making random appearances. 

Floral Lonchamp


This commercial cracks me up...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist for the week: 

This clover necklace to feed my obsession with all things Irish + Clover

A maxi dress in a gorgeous coral color

A white lace dress that screams summer

And a big, bold necklace to dress up even the simplest T-Shirt


Back to reality....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm finally back in Chicago after a great vacation in Sanibel... but why is it that I am always more tired when I get back from vacation than before I left? 

The weather was gorgeous

We boated...
 I learned to drive.... kind of....

We lounged on the beach.... 
We fished.... 
and I even caught a Shark! 
Don't worry... baby shark went back in the ocean...
We cruised the island on a scooter... 
and played with our new dolphin friend before dinners...

It was so nice to get away for a couple of days & relax.

Enough about that.... reality TV catch up session & celebrity gossip awaits me.
Promise to have more exciting things than akward solo shots after today :)


I'm a giddy girl....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 I'm off to Sanibel for a much needed vacation with the boyfriend.  Our first trip planned was skiing in Vail with friends, but that didn't go as planned. Everyone else made it out to Colorado and had a great time, while I was trapped in Chicago in the Blizzard of February 2011... after 5 canceled flights and some angry words with United.

Fingers crossed for better luck this time....

Weather forecast is looking gorgeous:

This Rory Beca arrived on my doorstep just in time

I have packed 3x more than I need for the 5 days...

 I'm hoping to get as tan as physically possible... 

and indulge in as much of this laziness as my active boyfriend will permit... 

I'll be back next Monday. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Until then.... I'm off to paradise :)


Wishlist Wednesday: Summer Staples

*I'm reposing this post because with the blogger issues last week, it only posted half of it & the half of it went missing :) *

or maybe a pair of slight boot cut instead... white & skinny leg make me nervous unless its paired with a longer top

a pair of nude heels... especially because they look identical to a designer pair of DVF's but only cost $100!

classic pair of ray ban aviators 

a bright colorful top
like this michael kors top I have lusted over for forever (ignore ugly purple purse) that is sold out everywhere.

a pair of nice flats, 'cause this girl isn't the best at walking in heels

...and finally, a big monogrammed tote

love this monogrammed longchamp 

but of course... a girl can dream bigger

a monogrammed louis vuitton?