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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

discuss amongst ya-selves

Man... Jess really doesn't have her timing down does she...
first she announces her engagement 5 seconds after Nick Lachey's, 

then she plans a big halloween "I'm going to be a Mummy" to finally confirm she's preggers... 
but wait... 
no one cares because we are all busy talking about Kim Kardashian.

Lots of opinions being tossed around about Kim & Kris's divorce.... I personally think Kim only cares about Kim and every second they showed of her and Kris on TV showed this, but that's just me. My friend sent me this Forbes article which talks about how much money she has made from marrying him and how as a producer she can make him look however she wants with editing on upcoming (and past) Kardashian shows:

And her brand won’t suffer either. Her next E! series on life as a married woman is already in the can, and as executive producer, she has the ability to go back and edit that footage to cast herself in a positive light. “Kris Humphries will look like a complete jerk,” Piazza predicts. “That’s what will end up saving her brand. It doesn’t matter; she’ll keep making money.”

This Funny or Die Fairytale Divorce slideshow cracked me up

I realized if I had an unlimited budget, amazing craft skills, and tons of time I would have totally dressed as a Gyspy Bride for Halloween....

I would have taken up half of a bar so I would have had such easy access to drinks.... and those girls just look so amazing and classic don't they??

I also loved seeing the Today Show's Royal Wedding Halloween yesterday

and Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey had perfect timing with the divorce announcement... 

And LeAnn.... a smoking, drinking, preggers bride...
always such a classy, classy lady
Eddie really has a type: Trashy or Trashier.
I'm shocked she didn't put his kids in this costume:

And Lilo, never one to miss a party, dressed as a nurse and did what she does best: parties her brains out before court + possibly heading back to jail. 

I've never read a Twilight book, or seen a movie, but I heard this song for the new movie yesterday and loved it. 

can't get it out of my head!! 

Hope you all have a great day :) 


  1. So many things to comment on: First of all who is really surprised about Kim's divorce, she is always looking out for numero uno. Loved the Today show Halloween costumes and how cute was Nick Lachey on Regis and Kelly. Poor Jess bad timing again and what a stupid photo shoot! Im hoping my husband never sees that Jack Daniels costume bc he will ne all over it!

  2. Love your Coffee Talk post per usual! Hilarious about Jess -- annoucing right after Tony, and of course on KK's big day too. Wah Wahhh.

    The Kim K sitch is just beyond ridiculous. Of course we all knew they would get divorced, but it literally took more time to plan the wedding than they were actually married. Such a scam. Loved that Forbes article! Did you see this one on HuffPo about how Kris will do well for himself too? Ugh, gross. Then again, here I am talking about them.