Freezing... but it's Friday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I discovered this artist Collin McLoughlin last weekend and am pretty much obsessed... 
he takes popular songs and does acoustic versions of them.  This Titanium cover gives me chills he sounds so good. 

He has a bunch of other covers too - I seriously like his versions and his voice better than the real versions. 
Plus, he has a sweet Irish name which always wins me over - even if his voice sounded like nails on a blackboard, if you are named Collin McLoughin I give you two thumbs up. 

Random thought, but I am really mad at myself because while cleaning last night, I saw my leather mini skirt that I bought a few months ago from TopShop for summertime, yet somehow never wore.

Is it too late to wear this?? With a cream top?? I'd be freezing my ass off...because it is NOT warm this weekend... so maybe I'll just have to save it for a random warm weather day next week. 
So mad I didn't wear it earlier this summer! 
Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely loathe wearing pants and hate when summer ends and my summer dresses have to go away.

If only it was acceptable to wear these all day...

I have a housewarming party at the boy's place tonight and then plan on taking it easy and relaxing for the rest of the weekend.

Could this have been a more random post? My apologies. 

Hope you all have a great weekend :) 



  1. I think the skirt would be awesome with tights!

  2. Ooooh, can't wait to check out Collin McLoughlin! And I think you can TOTALLY pull the skirt off now--the brown color and leather actually seems more fall to me than summer--pair it with tights and flats or heels!