Emmy Fashion

Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you all catch the Emmys last night?!?

Best part in my opinion: The SNL song tribute. Hilarious. 

There was a LOT of red...

and also a ton of cream/white with sparkles... 

and overall I was VERY unimpressed with everyone! Nothing really seemed to stand out to me.

I love Julie Bowen & Modern Family, but I thought she was showing way too much boobage for her age... and with her arms being so ripped and her boobs so up there when she accepted her award it just looked wrong. 

I thought Gwynneth looked gorgeous as always but her outfit seemed all sorts of wrong for the Emmys and  I didn't really understand the boho look. 

I have no earthly clue who this person is, but I thought she looked like a creepy-Jersey-hungover train wreck. 

I loved this color on Katie but it was wayyyy to casual and she looked like she just rolled out of bed.

And my only true overall favorite: Cat.  She looked stunning and I absolutely loved her dress.   I think it was perfection from head to toe! 

What were your thoughts on the Emmys last night?? 
Any favorites?? 



  1. I agree Cat Deeley was by far my favorite!! Everyone else was so blah

  2. I love the first red dress as well as your favorite!