Mama Elsa has some competition

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I thought that it would take Bravo a long, loooooooong time to find someone to replace Mama Elsa from Real Housewives of Miami in my book of "Ridiculous People I Hope to Become ". 

But no.  Leave it to Sir Andy Cohen to prove me wrong and slap me silly this quickly.  I am not a decorator, and do not know anything about interior design other than the dozens of design blogs I look at for pure eye candy, but Million Dollar Decorator is amazing.  

I can't help but notice the glaring similartities to this batch of obnoxious catty women: 

- The main characters think they are God's gift to earth & SO important
- Everyone has a serious foreign accent (although subtitles aren't needed to understand them like Miami.... I swear I read more off the bottom of the screen than I did watch the show with those chicks)
- There is a looney foreign lady who loves to booze and will be THE STAR of the show

her recap of this show is PERFECTION
Introducing: Jacqueline.  She wears sweet ensembles, drinks like a fish, and is really the main person that will keep me watching this show.
(oh who am I kidding I'll watch a snail crawl across TV if it's on Bravo). 

Mama Elsa: you better start your own show or get another DUI, because Jacqueline just took your place as queen bee in my eyes, and we're only one episode in!


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  1. Can't wait to watch it! I have it saved on my dvr. I was secretly hoping to run into Elsa while I was in Miami. She is such a hot mess and whay did no one ever mention her botched surgery???