Random Little Things

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My tax return came today, and I didn't realize opening an envelope could put such a big, HUGE smile on my face.  

Here are other little things that are making me smile today:

can't wait to get my hands on this & see all of the pretty pics. 

I won this gorgeous Tilly Maison tray in a giveaway from my love over at Things That Sparkle ... can't wait for it to arrive!

a couple of my friends are serious lush's (and God bless them for it) so we celebrate the Cinco of every month together. Why should it be limited to just May? Tonight: Mercadito for Mexican and Margaritas with the hussy's. 

this cookbook on the Today show this morning is speaking to my inner domestic goddess...


i love all the random chicago prints you can find on etsy... 

and for a final smile... ellen's dance assasin is back and better than ever

I'm off to celebrate with the ladies... Happy Cinco :) 

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