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Friday, March 11, 2011

There are very few things to look forward to during the never ending months of winter in Chicago....but finally there is something - St. Patrick's Day Weekend has arrived!! 

Last year the weather was absolutely disgusting. Luckily, this years forecast looks cold but with some sunshine! I can't wait to take a gander at Chicago in all of its drunken glory!

This year, I am vowing that no matter how many beverages I consume or where the crowd is heading, I WILL make it to the river to see this beautiful sight. 

Somehow I have never made it to the river to see it dyed. And that is just unacceptable for this Irish girl. 

Kegs and Eggs kicks off at 9 am (lord help me) and I am making my special "crack cake" and dying it green in St. Pat's honor.  I've already taken special care to make sure I'm wearing green at all times....

Yes... I know how pathetic I am. 

I also recently learned that Guinness is one of the lowest calorie beers you can drink...cheers to that!! So to all the Mick's and honorary Mick's...
Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend :)


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  1. i've never seen the green river either!!! 25 years of living in this city... aaand i also live a block away from the river... #whatiswrongwithme. we still have to take a drunken stroll tomorrow together!